Bored out of your mind and can’t seem to find a good OTT subscription plan? Say hello to this amazing Value Plan by Excitel. For as low as Rs. 100/month + GST, you get 8 OTT apps as an add-on plan with your internet connection plan. Experience entertainment on-the-go, without burning a hole in your pocket! Avail of this add-on Value Plan and make the most of Excitel’s offers with the OTT Bonanza.


What is Excitel’s OTT offer?

Excitel offers you exciting OTT Bonanza offers where you get OTT app add-on plans applicable
with your 300 Mbps or 400 Mbps internet connection.

How much do I have to pay for these new OTT plans?

You can select any OTT plan of your choice amongst four plans.
– Best-seller Plan – Rs. 200/month + GST
– Value Plan- Rs. 100/ Month + GST
– Basic Plan- Rs. 60/month + GST
– Starter Plan- Rs. 30/month + GST

How do these packages differ?

While the Best-seller OTT plan offers 15 OTT apps, the Value Plan offers 8, the Basic Plan offers
3 and the Starter Plan offers 6 OTT apps.

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