Do you recommend a specific router or a list of routers?

Yes, our team has conducted a series of tests on a wide variety of commonly found, mid-range routers and their performance.

Can I shift the service to another location?

Yes, you can request for shifting the broadband service to another location by registering your request through our “my Excitel” Mobile Apps / Web portal (my.excitel.com) or by writing to us at [email protected].  If we service the new location, our team will register the request for a location shift.

Can I change the plan/tariff at any point of time?

No, the currently chosen/active plan cannot be changed before the duration of the billing period, expires. You can change your plan only after your current subscription is over.

Will I get a copy of my bill/Invoice?

Yes, bills/invoices are available on our “my Excitel” mobile Apps / Web portal (my.excitel.com) under the Bills section, where it can be easily downloaded and/or printed.

I’m trying to pay for a renewal / I’m getting a new connection but I see the effective price more than the price indicated against the plan on your website.

The plans/tariff displayed on the website are exclusive of the applicable GST (Goods and Services Tax).

How do I renew my Subscription?

Excitel offers an online payment option available on our “my Excitel” Mobile Apps for both, iOS and Android, via the Web portal at my.excitel.com, where the account can be renewed within seconds. You may raise a request for payment pickup from your residence or by contacting the number provided in the SMS you get as a notification for renewal.

What is the minimum duration for service contract?

Minimum service contract duration is one (01) month.

How can I obtain my Excitel username and password?

Please contact our help desk – (STD) 33-44-77-88 from the registered mobile number related to your account. Our team would be happy to provide you the login credentials for using your internet connection.

I have applied for a new connection. How soon can I expect to start using your services?

Each area has a relative variance in terms of how soon the physical connections / wiring can be laid down to a particular residence. We do however, aim to get a connection installed within 2-4 days, although this can sometimes take longer, depending on the feasibility.

Are there any additional charges applicable for service maintenance?

There are no hidden charges other than the Plan charges + One time Installation charges. After the first month, the monthly rental for the chosen plan is applicable for internet service delivery.

Do I need to pay while applying for Excitel Broadband connection?

No payment has to be made at the time of applying for the connection. Our team will contact you to fill the CAF (Customer Agreement Form) and at that moment you need to pay the amount equivalent to the monthly charges for the chosen plan.

What are the installation charges for the service?

Depends on your area. Please refer our plans page.

Is there a data limit / FUP on my connection?

No, there is no data limit or “Fair Usage Policies” to impose a restriction on your internet connection. The connection speed never drops during the entire month, irrespective of the amount of data used.

Unlike other providers, we don’t have a Fair Usage Policy or enforce Traffic Management – that means we don’t artificially slow down your connection to allow other users to access our network, which would in turn make your speeds slower.

Can I use multiple computers/laptops with your service without the use of a router?

No, splitting an internet connection in such a way is not conventionally possible.

Is it possible to use your services without a router?

Yes, it is possible to actively use our internet services, without the use of a router, directly in conjunction with a PC / Laptop. This requires configuring a PPPoE/Dial-UP connection on the target computer.

Does Excitel provide a router with a new connection?

Excitel does not deal in, nor provide routers of any kind. The customer is expected to purchase a router separately on their own. Our local partners provide routers at competitive prices, and the customer may choose to get one from them. Any dealings made in this manner or with anyone else in this regard has no relation or connection with Excitel, whatsoever.

Our team has conducted a series of tests on a wide variety of commonly found, mid-range routers and their performance. We feel that it would assist you in selecting a suitable router.

Do you provide services in my locality / area?

We have a points of presence (PoP) map on the homepage of our website (under network coverage), which marks the areas/localities that we service at the moment.

What are the broadband plans offered by Excitel?

Excitel Broadband empowers you to control your speeds and spends. Click here to check all plans offered by Excitel.

How do I apply for a new connection?

Click on Get Excitel Form, simply choose your city, your desired plan, enter your name, mobile number, e-mail address and your complete address to get started!

What type of a router do I need in order to use your services?

A Wi-Fi router is required to use our services. An ADSL router (modem + router) is neither required, nor compatible with our services.

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