Broadband Connection in Suratgarh


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Why choose Excitel?

  • India’s largest FTTH Broadband provider
  • Unlimited internet access with no data cap restriction.
  • Affordable basic fiber internet plans starting at just ₹449 per month
  • Enjoy buffer free streaming & gaming with great high-speed plans to choose from


  • Which is the fastest broadband service in Suratgarh?

    Excitel’s the fastest broadband service in Suratgarh, as you get up to 300 Mbps speed in any area you live in!

  • How do I choose the best broadband service in Suratgarh?

    Know your internet habits and needs, through which you can determine the speed limit and bandwidth you require.

  • Which is the best broadband plan in Suratgarh?

    The best broadband plan from Excitel in Surathgarh is the 300 Mbps plan, which starts at ₹1119 for 12 months. There’s a special offer if you subscribe for 12 months at ₹719, where you get a free Prime video subscription!

  • What does Excitel OTT offer in Suratgarh?

    If you choose a 300 Mbps plan in Suratgarh for 12 months, you can watch your favourites on Prime video. For the 300 Mbps plan, you get 22 OTT channels.