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  • Which Wi-Fi network/connection is best in Vijayawada?

    The best internet connection in Vijayawada is Excitel since our three-month fiber internet plan starts at just ₹717, through which you can also get a cable connection!

  • What are the Excitel broadband plans available in Vijaywada?

    You get 100 and 150 Mbps fiber internet plans in Vijayawada, starting at just ₹847 for three months.

  • How do I choose the best internet connection in Vijaywada?

    To choose the best internet connection in Visakhapatnam, compare available providers based on factors such as speed, reliability, customer reviews, and pricing.

  • What are Excitel’s new OTT channels available?

    You have Sony Liv, Disney+Hotstar, Zee5, Hungama, Shemaroo and more, if you choose Excitel’s cable cutter plan.

  • How can you renew your OTT plan?

    Once your existing plan expires, you can choose the same plan or upgrade to a higher speed for three, six, or 12 months.

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