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  • Which Wifi Internet Service Provider is best in Kakinada?

    Determining the best WiFi Internet Service Provider in Kakinada can vary based on individual preferences and experiences. One of the most loved ISPs in Kakinada is Excitel

  • Which broadband connection is the best in Kakinada?

    Opting for the best broadband connection in Kakinada involves considering factors like speed, reliability, and coverage. Providers like Excitel offer suitable options

  • What is the cost of WiFi connection in Kakinada?

    The cost of a Wi-Fi connection in Kakinada depends on the provider and the plan you choose. Pricing details can be obtained from local ISPs or service providers like Excitel.

  • Which WiFi is good for home in Kakinada?

    A WiFi suitable for home use in Kakinada may include options like Excitel’s plans with reliable speeds and coverage for various online activities.

  • How much do I have to pay for these new OTT plans in Kakinada?

    Costs may vary based on the chosen plan and location. For Rs. 847, you can enjoy 400 Mbps speed with 550 live channels and 6 OTT platforms for three months in Kakinada.