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Benefits that you get with Excitel fiber internet

High-Speed Connectivity:
With Excitel fiber internet, you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds that make online activities like streaming, gaming, and browsing incredibly smooth.

Affordable plans
You can enjoy top-notch fiber internet at an affordable price with a selection of plans to fit your specific usage needs and preferences.

No installation charges
We do not charge for installation, making it easier, speedy and hassle-free for you to start.

24/7 customer support
If you encounter any queries or technical issues, our customer support team is always available to assist you.

Unlimited Data Usage
You can enjoy unrestricted data consumption without worrying about any data caps or limitations, allowing you to freely explore the online world.

Cable Cutter ™ plan
This plan offers outstanding internet speeds of up to 300 Mbps. That’s not all! Users also enjoy 22 premium OTT channels.

What does Excitel Broadband do?

  • Effortlessly transfer large files, whether you are uploading or downloading
  • Complete your tasks with ease and efficiency
  • Enjoy the convenience of effortless bill payments
  • Protect your devices with a secure internet connection

Advantages of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Broadband

  • Reliability
    Our commitment to seamless connectivity ensures that you can confidently engage in all your online work, whether it’s streaming, gaming, or surfing, without the slightest hint of compromise.
  • Multiple-device connectivity
    Enhance your home’s connectivity by effortlessly connecting three to four devices at the same time. This allows you to browse the web and perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • High speeds
    Excitel Fibernet connections can provide extraordinarily fast internet speeds, this is crucial for tasks like streaming 4K or even 8K videos, playing online games, and downloading or uploading large files.
  • Better experience
    FTTH can provide a smoother online experience via fast speeds and high security, eliminating problems such as buffering, slow downloads, and dropped connections.
  • Less signal degradation
    Fiber-optic networks have very little signal degradation in contrast with traditional copper-based networks (like DSL). This means that even if you are further from the network of the service provider, you are still able to get steady speeds.

Excitel broadband plans offer unlimited internet without data caps

Experience the boundless potential of the online world with Excitel high-speed internet. Engage in immersive gaming, stream your favorite movies, and enjoy seamless videos that beat distance and time. Elevate your digital existence with Excitel – the gateway to limitless connectivity.

Additional advantages of Excitel’s broadband services

Stay entertained all day with our Cable Cutter ™ Plan, which offers Live TV, OTT content, and fast internet speeds starting at just 719/month. We provide you with hassle-free, and affordable plans to fulfill your requirements. Experience seamless and buffer-free entertainment by choosing Excitel Cable Cutter ™ plan.


  • How fast is excitel broadband?

    Excitel’s one of the fastest broadbands, as you can get 100, 150, 200, 300 and 400 Mbps plans at the lowest prices. You can do a speed test on Ookla to know how fast your fiber internet connection is.

  • Will I get the maximum broadband speed as promised in the plan?

    Yes, with Excitel, you will always get the maximum speed as promised during installation.

  • How can I check Excitel’s broadband plan?

    To check the Excitel broadband plans, visit our website, enter your city and choose the plan according to your requirements.

  • Which is the fastest broadband in India?

    Excitel’s India’s one of the fastest-growing broadband services, providing reliable internet throughout the day.

  • How can I get an Excitel broadband connection?

    To get the new Excitel connection, visit one of the nearest branches or contact our customer team. After this, you can choose one of our existing plans or get customized offers for your home and business.