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Why choose Excitel?

  • India’s largest FTTH Broadband provider
  • Unlimited internet access with no data cap restriction.
  • Affordable basic fiber internet plans starting at just ₹424 per month
  • Affordable basic fiber internet plans starting at just ₹424 per month
  • Enjoy buffer free streaming & gaming with great high-speed plans to choose from

Are you tired of your internet being as slow as a dial-up turtle? With Excitel in the Delhi NCR, bid adieu to aggravation and hello to the broadband of the future! We are referring to a lightning-fast digital tsunami that will turn your house into the centre of entertainment, not just the internet.

Why Choose Excitel Broadband in Delhi NCR?

  1. Unmatched Speed: Experience lightning-fast internet without buffering, with speeds ranging from a scorching 100 Mbps to a whopping 500 Mbps. Excitel Broadband will let you play games, stream, download, and work at the same time.
  2. Unlimited Data: Gone are the days of worrying about internet fees and data restrictions. You can get genuinely infinite data with Excitel. You can host epic online gaming sessions, download gigabytes at once, and binge-watch shows all day without worrying about anything.
  3. Fiber Optic Technology: To provide the most dependable and consistent internet connection in Delhi NCR, we make use of state-of-the-art fiber optic technology. Lags, jitters, and dropped connections are a thing of the past because Excitel ensures a flawless connection.
  4. Reasonably Priced Plans: We are aware that value for money is important. Excitel provides a wide variety of plans to accommodate any demand and budget because of this. Select from affordable plans beginning as little as Rs. 424 per month, or invest in our high-speed packages for the most internet power.
  5. Plans for Cable Cutter: With Excitel’s Cable Cutter plans, you can embrace the future of entertainment and say goodbye to pricey cable TV packages. Make the best of OTT subscriptions on your preferred streaming services, such as Netflix, SonyLIV, Amazon Prime, and others, at a significantly reduced price. These come with live TV channels and lightning-fast internet.
  6. Smart TV & Mini Home Theatre Plans: With our specially designed Smart TV and Mini Home Theatre plans, you may enhance your home entertainment experience. Get your favourite streaming apps pre-installed on a smart TV, or use Excitel’s lightning-fast internet to transform your living room into a movie theatre, complete with a surround sound system and high-definition set-top box.
  7. Easy Installation & Maintenance: Bid farewell to installation headaches. Everything is taken care of by Excitel’s skilled specialists, right from the connection setup to continued assistance. If you have any questions or would like to make sure your internet experience is seamless, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Explore Excitel’s Broadband Plans in Delhi NCR:

  • Basic Plans: Our basic plans provide unlimited data at speeds starting at 100 Mbps for individuals who are budget conscious yet still need speed. Perfect for individuals and families that like to play online games, stream content, and engage in casual browsing.
  • High-Speed Plans: With speeds up to 500 Mbps, elevate your online experience to a new level. Perfect for video producers, streamers, and gamers who want the highest level of dependability and performance.
  • Cable Cutter Plans: With our reasonably priced Cable Cutter plans, you can embrace the world of OTT and cut the cord on cable. Choose from a range of bundles based on your favourite live TV channels and streaming services; all of these are clubbed with fast internet to provide the best possible entertainment experience.
  • Smart TV & Mini Home Theatre Plans: With our specially designed Smart TV and Mini Home Theatre plans, you can turn your living room into a multimedia centre. Take advantage of high-definition channels, streaming apps that come pre-installed, and rich surround sound—all made possible by Excitel’s broadband magic.

Excitel: More Than Just Broadband

We feel internet access needs to be considered more than just convenience. We are here to assist you in opening this portal, which leads to countless opportunities. Excitel offers you more than simply an internet connection; it’s a trustworthy companion on your digital path.

Are you prepared to discover the Excitel difference?

To find the ideal plan for your needs, visit our website or give us a call right now.


  • Which is the fastest broadband service in Delhi?

    Excitel’s the fastest internet connection in Delhi, since you can enjoy full bandwidth, with no restrictions.

  • Which is the best unlimited internet plan in Delhi?

    The 300 Mbps plan which starts at ₹717 for three months is the best-unlimited internet plan in Delhi. You can choose this for home and business.

  • Which is the fastest Internet in Delhi?

    Excitel’s the fastest internet connection in Delhi, as there is no restrcition in using the bandwidth promised to you.

  • How can you renew your OTT plan in Delhi?

    Go to your Excitel account and choose OTT payment. There, you can either choose the existing plan or select a plan that’s valid for a longer duration.

  • How much do I have to pay for new OTT plans in Delhi?

    You can choose our cable cutter ™ plan and this costs only ₹592 for 12 months , where you can get OTT subscription for more than five online streaming platforms and other live channels.