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Why choose Excitel?

  • India’s largest FTTH Broadband provider
  • Unlimited internet access with no data cap restriction.
  • Affordable basic fiber internet plans starting at just ₹424 per month
  • Affordable basic fiber internet plans starting at just ₹424 per month
  • Enjoy buffer free streaming & gaming with great high-speed plans to choose from

Broadband Plans in Jaipur

Excitel offers cutting-edge broadband plans in Jaipur, leveraging fiber-optic technology for lightning-fast and reliable internet connections.9 Excitel broadband plans in Jaipur, including the cable cutter plan, boast impressive features like 400 Mbps speed, ensuring lag-free gaming experiences. The cable cutter plan also offers access to 21 OTT apps like Disney Hotstar and 550+ live channels, making it an ideal choice for entertainment enthusiasts. Choose Excitel as your internet service provider in Jaipur for high-speed connectivity and a seamless online experience.

Broadband Plans in Jaipur: Navigating the World of Broadband and Fibernet

Jaipur’s broadband landscape thrives with diverse options, featuring standout plans like the Cable Cutter, delivering an impressive 400 Mbps speed and access to 21 popular OTT apps, including Hungama, Sheemaroo, and PlayBox TV. The Kickstarter plan offers a solid 200 Mbps speed, while the Beast plan elevates the experience with speeds up to 300 Mbps, bundled with a special offer – 12 months of Disney Hotstar for just Rs 499. Choose from these high-speed plans for a seamless online experience in Jaipur.

Factors for choosing a high-speed internet plan and internet service provider (ISP) in Jaipur

  • Choose an ISP like Excitel that provides a variety of high-speed plans to match your specific usage needs.
  • Opt for a reliable ISP in Jaipur to ensure consistent internet connectivity without frequent disruptions.
  • Select a plan that balances cost-effectiveness and the necessary features for a satisfying internet experience.
  • Prioritise ISPs with responsive customer support, like Excitel, with a 4-hour service resolution promise to quickly address issues arising during your usage.
  • Explore ISPs like Excitel that offer extra perks or bundles, such as access to OTT apps, to enhance your overall internet package.

Other Exciting Excitel Plans in Jaipur (Smart TV Plan, Mini Home Theatre Plan)

Excitel’s exciting plans go beyond just high-speed internet. In the Great Internet Sale, subscribers can snag a free TV and Projector with select big Wi-Fi plans. Starting at Rs 1299/month, the Smart TV plan includes 400 Mbps speed, 21 OTT apps, 550+ live TV channels, and a complimentary 32″ Smart TV valued at Rs 23,990. For a cinematic experience, the Mini Home Theatre plan at Rs 1499/month offers 400 Mbps speed, 21 OTT apps, 550+ live TV channels and a Smart Projector worth Rs 30,000, providing entertainment enthusiasts with a compelling package.

Experience the advantages of Excitel Broadband Service Provider in Jaipur

  • Excitel in Jaipur offers blazing-fast internet, providing high-speed plans to meet various user requirements.
  • Excitel is known for its reliable services, ensuring a stable internet connection with minimal disruptions.
  • The broadband service provider offers cost-effective plans, allowing users to enjoy high-speed internet without breaking the bank.
  • Excitel provides responsive customer support, ensuring quick assistance and issue resolution for subscribers.
  • Subscribers enjoy extra perks like the Great Internet Sale, offering complimentary TVs and Projectors with select big Wi-Fi plans, enhancing the overall user experience.


  • Which is the fastest broadband service in Jaipur?

    Excitel is renowned for offering the fastest broadband service in Jaipur, delivering high-speed internet plans with reliability and affordability.

  • Which is the best-unlimited internet plan in Jaipur?

    Excitel’s Cable Cutter Plan in Jaipur is the best-unlimited internet plan, offering 400 Mbps speed, 21 OTT apps, and more.

  • Which is the fastest Internet in Jaipur?

    Excitel’s Cable Cutter Plan in Jaipur is the best-unlimited internet plan, offering 400 Mbps speed, 21 OTT apps, and more.

  • What does the Excitel OTT offer in Jaipur?

    Excitel’s OTT offer in Jaipur includes access to 21 apps, including Disney Hotstar, ensuring diverse entertainment options.

  • How much do I have to pay for new OTT plans in Jaipur?

    OTT plans in Jaipur vary; Excitel’s Cable Cutter Plan starts from Rs 499, offering 400 Mbps speed, 21 OTT apps, and more.


The customer service of Excitel has been outstanding. Whenever I had an issue, they were quick to respond and resolve the problem. With Excitel my life has been much easier and happier. I highly recommend it to everyone.

– Mr. Jay Singh

We are a family of ten people from Jaipur, and we all use the internet for different things. The speed of the Excitel broadband is amazing. The Excitel broadband service can handle our necessities without any issues.

– Ms. Nayra Rajput

I’m a gamer and need a fast and reliable internet connection. Excitel broadband is perfect for online gaming. The connection is stable, and there’s no lag while playing. I recommend Excitel to every gamer.

– Manish Roy

I’m Naina, I recently moved to Jaipur and Excitel was the only broadband available. Initially hesitant, but I was pleasantly surprised by the internet speed and customer service. Excitel has the best service than any other broadband.

– Naina Kumari

I have been using Excitel broadband for years now, and it’s been great. The speed is lightning fast and Excitel offers affordable plans without sacrificing speed. It’s simply the best service out there. I’m very happy with my Excitel service!

– Ramesh Kumar