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We are obsessed to transform the way young Indians experience entertainment over internet at home.
We are connected to over 2,00,000 homes and we are growing fast, very fast!

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Super high consistency in performance
European technology to Indian homes
Regional partner network ensures exceptional last mile delivery & local support
Lightening fast and efficient customer support

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PREPAID MONTHS For streamers50 Mbps For downloaders75 Mbps For gamers100 Mbps
1 695 845 995
3 525 638 751
6 490 596 701
12 435 529 623
Cable Installation: up to 500 * Prices are exclusive of taxes
PREPAID MONTHS For streamers50 Mbps For downloaders75 Mbps For gamers100 Mbps
1 500 545 645
3 1425 1555 1745
6 2700 2945 3095
12 5425
Cable Installation: FREE * Prices are exclusive of taxes
MONTHS 50 Mbps 100 MbpsRecommended 200 Mbps 300 Mbps
1 699 699 849 999
3 525 525 638 751
6 490 490 596 701
12 436 436 529 623
Recommended Fiber device Fiber Router+WIFI
Single Band
Fiber Router+WIFI
Dual Band
Fiber Router+WIFI
Dual Band
Fiber Router+WIFI
Dual Band
refundable security deposit 1500 2000 2000 2000

If you wish to use your own WIFI router, a refundable security deposit for Fiber Router without WIFI (with LAN) is applicable at 750.

In this case the speed over Wireless will fully depend on the capabilities of your WiFi Router.

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We are Obsessed

We are obsessed!

We are obsessed to serve you the best. And we know you are as obsessed with the internet as we are. Enjoy the best ultra-high-speed broadband services with us, at a speed of up to 100 Mbps per second! Sounds awesome, right?

We Keep the Hustle Going

We keep the hustle going

We make every second count, ensuring that you always enjoy the best internet experience! Thanks to our 3 independent high capacity internet routes connected to multiple international stations, we have the right network backing you up. Our close tie-ups with the Telcos promise flawless internet connectivity, so that your binging never stops!

We Always Deliver

We always deliver!

We know you love your online content and we've tied up with most of the prominent media providers as our peers! Google Peering (YouTube & Google Play), Microsoft Peering (Windows and Xbox Updates and Apps), Extreme Peering (high-speed Web browsing and P2P transfers), Akamai (Facebook, Hotstar, Live Cricket), Netflix and many more Indian and foreign video-related services are now just a click away.

We Practice Empathy

We practice empathy

Your requests, queries or complaints, early in the day or late in the evening, we got your back, Bruh! If you feel something didn’t go well, open a ticket via our mobile app and we will rectify it ASAP.You are our bae, and you’ll have a great connection every day.

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