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Why choose Excitel?

  • India’s largest FTTH Broadband provider
  • Unlimited internet access with no data cap restriction.
  • Affordable basic fiber internet plans starting at just ₹449 per month
  • Enjoy buffer free streaming & gaming with great high-speed plans to choose from


  • Which Wi-Fi connection is best in Visakhapatnam?

    The best Wi-Fi connection in Visakhapatnam is Excitel, as there is no restriction for any of our broadband plans, and you also get an excellent TV plan, where you enjoy more than 21 online streaming platforms.

  • Which is best broadband plan in Visakhapatnam?

    Excitel’s Cable Cutter ™ plan is the best broadband plan in Visakhapatnam as it offers 100 Mbps of speed and 21 OTT channels for just Rs 847 for three months.

  • What are the benefits of Excitel broadband in Visakhapatnam?

    Excitel broadband in Visakhapatnam offers high-speed internet with no data limits at competitive prices, making it ideal for seamless streaming, gaming, and browsing experiences for residents in the area.

  • What are the Excitel broadband plans available in Visakhapatnam?

    Excitel currently has 3 active broadband plans in Visakhapatnam: Cable Cutter ™ Plan, Kickstarter Plan and Beast Plan.

  • For how long can you enjoy these OTT services in Visakhapatnam?

    The duration of enjoying OTT services on Excitel’s plans can be confirmed by referring to the terms and conditions. Typically, OTT access is part of the subscription and remains available if you have an active plan with Excitel.