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Why choose Excitel?

  • India’s largest FTTH Broadband provider
  • Unlimited internet access with no data cap restriction.
  • Affordable basic fiber internet plans starting at just ₹449 per month
  • Enjoy buffer free streaming & gaming with great high-speed plans to choose from


  • What are the Excitel broadband plans available in Mangalore?

    Mangalore has the cable cutter ™ and the beast plan starting from Rs 592 only!

  • How much does Excitel broadband cost in Mangalore?

    Excitel broadband starts from Rs. 449/month. It offers 100 Mbps of speed.

  • How can I get started with Excitel broadband in Mangalore?

    To start with Excitel broadband in Mangalore, visit their official website and follow the online registration process, or contact customer support for assistance and plan details.

  • What is the installation process for Excitel broadband in Mangalore?

    The installation process for Excitel broadband involves registering on their website, scheduling a site visit if needed, and having their technicians install the modem, configure the router, and test the connection before activation. Contact their customer support or check their website for specific details and any updates on the process.

  • For how long can you enjoy these OTT services in Mangalore?

    The maximum duration for an OTT subscription is one year. You can renew your plan through your Excitel account from your home!