The ISS has Wi-Fi, letting astronauts stay connected as they orbit Earth.

By 2030, over 50 billion devices will be connected, outnumbering people.

June 20th is celebrated as World Wi-Fi Day.

Wi-Fi’s longest connection has been 238 miles between two antennas on Mount Everest.

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  • Which is the best Wi-Fi plan for my home?

    We provide the following three best Wi-Fi plans, depending on the city you stay in:

    1. The Kickstarter – with a connection speed of up to 300 mbps
    2. The Cable Cutter – with a connection speed of up to 400 mbps
    3. The Beast – with a connection speed of up to 150 mbps
  • What is the price for the new Wi-Fi connection?

    Enjoy the Cable Cutter™ Plan, with connection speeds up to 400 mbps
    for 3 months at INR 1499 INR 847 and
    for 12 months at INR 1499 INR 592

  • Which broadband plans have OTT subscriptions for Hotstar and Sony Liv?

    The Cable Cutter Plan, with a connection speed of up to 400 mbps, provides a free subscription to Hotstar and Sony Liv, among many other OTT apps.

  • How much time does it take to activate a new Wi-Fi plan?

    Depending on the area of residence, the activation time of the physical connections and wiring can vary. We do, however, aim to get a connection installed within 2-4 days, although this can sometimes take longer, depending on the feasibility.