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  • Which WIFI service is best in Varanasi?

    Choosing the best WiFi service in Varanasi involves considering factors like speed, coverage, and user experiences. Leading ISPs like Excitel might offer suitable options.

  • Which broadband connection is best in Varanasi?

    The best broadband connection in Varanasi can vary based on factors like speed, reliability, and coverage. Excitel is known for offering competitive plans.

  • How can I get started with Excitel broadband in Varanasi?

    To get started with Excitel broadband in Varanasi, visit the official website or contact the customer service to inquire about available plans and the installation process.

  • What is the installation process for Excitel broadband in Varanasi?

    To install Excitel broadband in Varanasi, follow the process provided by Excitel’s customer service, which may include scheduling a technician visit for setup.

  • What is Excitel’s OTT offer in Varanasi?

    Excitel’s OTT offer in Varanasi includes the Cable Cutter Plan, providing 400 Mbps speeds and access to popular OTT platforms like Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLIV, and ZEE5.


I am a YouTuber, and most of my work relies on the Internet. Excitel has been a blessing for me. It offers me excellent internet speed and a stable connection. I love the affordable price and packages that suit my needs.

– Sahil Mishra

Hello, I’m Nisha from Varanasi, I couldn’t be happier with Excitel’s broadband as I recently switched to Excitel and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants superfast internet with affordable prices and packages.

– Nisha Gupta

I recently shifted to Varanasi and started working from home and Installed Excitel Wi-fi. The installation process was so easy, and the technician was professional and knowledgeable. As the Excitel network has been constant and reliable.

– Isha Mehra

I am a professional gamer and recently switched to Excitel, and I have noticed a significant improvement in my internet speed, and I have not experienced any buffering or lag while playing the games.

– Neel Rana

I am a graphic designer, and all my work is online. Excitel has been an excellent choice for me. Their service is consistent, and I never had any outages or disruptions in service.

– Ramesh Shukla
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