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In Varanasi, a vibrant city where modernity blends with tradition, having access to high-speed internet is now a need rather than a luxury. Reliable and fast broadband services are in high demand as the digital world develops. Leading broadband service provider Excitel is at the forefront of transforming Varanasi’s global connectivity.

Technical Details of Varanasi’s Excitel Broadband Plan

Excitel provides a selection of broadband plans designed to meet the various requirements of people living in Varanasi. Excitel’s fibre optic internet transforms your online experience with speeds up to 300 Mbps, ensuring lag-free gaming, fast downloads, and flawless streaming.

Because of its unmatched performance and dependability in internet offerings, Excitel is the go-to option for both home and business users in Varanasi. Stay far away from buffering and connectivity problems thanks to Excitel’s robust network infrastructure.

Other Interesting Plans in Varanasi by Excitel (OTT Apps)

Indulge in countless hours of joy right at your fingertips with Excitel’s offerings, granting access to a diverse array of over-the-top (OTT) apps and high-speed internet. Catering to all preferences, Excitel’s OTT solutions range from local content platforms to popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Immerse yourself in captivating viewing experiences from the coziness of your home through Excitel’s ingenious smart TV and home theatre packages. With the seamless integration of Excitel’s OTT services, entertainment reaches its pinnacle, be it organizing movie marathons or binge-watching your beloved series.

Plan NameDownload Speed (Mbps)Data LimitMonthly Price (₹)Subscription PeriodAdditional Features
Fiber First 100 Mbps100Unlimited42412 Months21 OTT Apps
Fiber First 200 Mbps200Unlimited47412 Months21 OTT Apps
Fiber First 300 Mbps300Unlimited499 (6 Months)6 Months or 849 (12 Months)21 OTT Apps
Fiber First 400 Mbps400Unlimited149912 Months21 OTT Apps
  • Introductory prices may change after the initial subscription period.
  • Taxes may apply to the monthly subscription fee.
  • Plan availability and speeds may vary depending on your location.
  • Includes 21 OTT apps like Naja, Raj, FANCODE, Distro TV, discovery+, and hubhopper.
  • Some plans offer additional benefits like a free month on select OTT platforms.

The Economic Dynamics Behind Varanasi’s Business Expansion Fueled by Broadband

The advent of high-speed internet in Varanasi has revolutionized the digital landscape and greatly helped the progress of the local economy. Thanks to reliable internet connections, businesses now leverage online platforms to widen their reach and enhance sales.

Varanasi’s broadband-driven business ecosystem is flourishing, generating jobs and encouraging innovation in everything from e-commerce to digital startups. Excitel’s cost-effective broadband services are essential for enabling business owners and advancing Varanasi’s economy.

Experience the power of fibre optic broadband with Excitel in Varanasi. Say goodbye to slow connections and hello to seamless streaming, gaming, and browsing. Join the Excitel family today and discover a new era of connectivity in Varanasi.


  • Which WIFI service is best in Varanasi?

    Among Varanasi’s best internet service providers, Excitel stands out for its blazingly quick speeds and dependable connectivity.

  • Which internet package is ideal for a home?

    The home fibre broadband services offered by Excitel are perfect for households since they provide fast surfing, gaming, and streaming internet.

  • How much does it cost to subscribe to these new Varanasi OTT plans?

    Various over-the-top (OTT) options are available from Excitel, with prices catered to different spending limits and tastes. See the Excitel website for more details on prices.

  • Which Varanasi broadband services are the best?

    Many consider Excitel’s fibre broadband services the best in Varanasi because they provide unparalleled speed, dependability, and cost.

  • Why Opt for Excitel?

    Excitel places a high value on client pleasure and provides blazing-fast internet connections. With hassle-free installation and round-the-clock customer service, Excitel guarantees a flawless experience.

    Moreover, inhabitants of Varanasi trust Excitel because of its transparent pricing and no hidden fees approach. Discover a world of opportunities by utilizing Excitel broadband’s dependability and ease at your fingertips.


I am a YouTuber, and most of my work relies on the Internet. Excitel has been a blessing for me. It offers me excellent internet speed and a stable connection. I love the affordable price and packages that suit my needs.

– Sahil Mishra

Hello, I’m Nisha from Varanasi, I couldn’t be happier with Excitel’s broadband as I recently switched to Excitel and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants superfast internet with affordable prices and packages.

– Nisha Gupta

I recently shifted to Varanasi and started working from home and Installed Excitel Wi-fi. The installation process was so easy, and the technician was professional and knowledgeable. As the Excitel network has been constant and reliable.

– Isha Mehra

I am a professional gamer and recently switched to Excitel, and I have noticed a significant improvement in my internet speed, and I have not experienced any buffering or lag while playing the games.

– Neel Rana

I am a graphic designer, and all my work is online. Excitel has been an excellent choice for me. Their service is consistent, and I never had any outages or disruptions in service.

– Ramesh Shukla