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  • Which broadband network is best in Bangalore?

    Excitel is considered one of the top broadband networks in Bangalore.

  • What is Cable Cutter plans of Excitel in Bangalore?

    In Bangalore, Excitel’s Cable Cutter Plan offers 400 Mbps speeds, including 12 OTT apps

  • Are there any data caps or usage limits on broadband plans in Bangalore?

    Excitel’s broadband plans in Bangalore do not have data caps or usage limits.

  • What are Excitel’s new OTT channels available?

    Excitel’s new OTT channels include Disney+ Hotstar, SonyLIV, ZEE5, and more.

  • How can you renew your OTT plan?

    You can renew your Excitel OTT plan through our official website or contact customer service for help.

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