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Broadband plans in Bangalore

Every city deserves to have the best and reliable internet connection, where streaming, browsing and everything online is possible at hi-speed internet. Bangalore, you also need the same, right? Use Excitel’s broadband plans for home and business today for unmatched internet connectivity.

Experience lightning-fast internet with Excitel Broadband in Bangalore

Bangalore, despite having many top internet providers, must enjoy high speed internet, which everyone can afford. From helping those who work remotely to playing online games with friends, everyone in Bangalore can enjoy unlimited internet with no data caps here! With Excitel’s low-cost fiber broadband plans, get ready to witness crystal-clear 4K videos, seamless online gaming, and legless video calls with our plans!

Tips to improve Wi-Fi in Bangalore

  1. Router Placement: Position your router in a central position. Ensure no walls, mirrors, or metal objects are near your router. Choose either higher shelves or open spaces for optimal network coverage.
  2. Channel Check: Your Wi-Fi signal can be interfered with if there are any other microwaves. Use a Wi-Fi analyser app to identify the best channel for your network and avoid congestion.
  3. Reboot Power Up: Your router needs a reset at times, like your home’s spring cleaning, to avoid glitches and refresh your connection.
  4. Guest Network: Limit unauthorised access by creating a separate guest network with a different password. This keeps your leading network secure, and you will also be able to prevent bandwidth hogging.
  5. Upgrade Your Plan: If your current plan is slow, consider upgrading to a higher speed to get enough speed for all your internet activities.
  6. Consider Mesh Wi-Fi: For those who have larger homes or experience uneven signal strength in various compartments, a mesh Wi-Fi system can create a seamless network throughout your house!
  7. Antivirus & Malware: Check if your devices have updated antivirus software to protect against malware that can slow down your network.
  8. Optimise Device Settings: Disable unnecessary background apps on your devices that might be consuming bandwidth. Consider using low-bandwidth settings for streaming and gaming when possible.
  9. Contact Your ISP: If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact your internet service provider. They can diagnose potential issues and offer further assistance.

Bangalore’s Gateway to the Digital World: Discover Our Exceptional Broadband Plans

Ditch the data caps and laggy internet connection! Excitel’s Bangalore broadband unlocks your digital world with blazing speeds, unlimited data, and affordable plans. Stream, game, and work without limits. Experience exceptional internet connectivity at home with Excitel!

Unlocking the benefits of Excitel Broadband Internet in Bangalore

Unleash the full potential of your Bangalore life with Excitel Broadband. Stream 4K movies, binge-watch shows, and games with lightning speeds, all without data caps. A. Ditch the lag and embrace the possibilities. Head to our website to learn more about our offers for your city!


  • Which is the fastest broadband service in Bangalore?

    Excitel’s the fastest broadband service in Bangalore, as you get up to 300 Mbps speed in any area you live in!

  • How do I choose the best broadband service in Bangalore?

    Know your internet habits and needs, through which you can determine the speed limit and bandwidth you require.

  • Which is the best broadband plan in Bangalore?

    The best broadband plan from Excitel in Bangalore is the 300 Mbps plan, which starts at ₹1119 for three months. There’s a special offer if you subscribe for 12 months at ₹719, where you get a free Prime video subscription!

  • What does Excitel OTT offer in Bangalore?

    If you choose a 300 Mbps plan in Bangalore for 12 months, you can watch your favourites on Prime video. For the 300 Mbps plan, you get 22 OTT channels.

  • What are Excitel’s new OTT channels available?

    The new channels include Prime video, FanCode, iStream, Aha, iTap and more!