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Excitel Reeltime

Truly Unlimited Broadband Plans

Cable Installation: up to ₹500

* Prices are exclusive of taxes

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Cable Installation FREE

* Prices are inclusive of ₹200 discount and exclusive of taxes

Customer benefits

All Reeltime packages provide ultra-fast speeds with no data limits and money back guarantee.

No FUP, no Data Limits

All our packages are truly fast and truly unlimited. Speed will never drop during the month. Check your download & upload speed on

Unlimited Internet, Unlimited Peering

Watch YouTube & Hotstar in HD without buffering. Get Android, Windows & Apple apps on ultra-high speed directly from Excitel network.

Online Payments

Go cashless. Pay online on to save time and renew instantly.

No Hidden Charges

All you need to pay is the listed price plus tax. Do not pay anything extra!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you cancel the service for whatever reason during the first month, you get all your money back. No questions asked.

Unlimited for a Single Household

Our services are truly unlimited for a single household. Redistributing our packages will result in eternal ban of the account. We are giving a great service, please play fair.

Network Coverage

Our network is expanding rapidly and already provides service to more than 1,20,000 households.