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  • Which is best broadband plans in Mumbai?

    Excitel offers the best broadband plans in Mumbai, as you get unlimited data plans at Rs847 for three months without any data caps.

  • Which Wi-Fi connections is best in Mumbai?

    The best Wi-Fi connection in Mumbai is Excitel because it only offers 12 OTT apps for 12 months at Rs. 592.

  • What are the benefits of Excitel broadband in Mumbai?

    Excitel broadband offers high-speed internet, competitive pricing, and unlimited data plans, making it an attractive option for seamless online activities and entertainment in Mumbai.

  • How much does Excitel broadband cost in Mumbai?

    The starting price of Excitel broadband in Mumbai is just Rs. 667 for three months, without any data caps.

  • How much do I have to pay for these new OTT plans in Mumbai?

    To get the new Cable Cutter Plan, you must pay Rs 847 for three months or Rs 592 for 12 months to access all 12 OTT apps.


Hi, I’m Preeti from Mumbai and I need a reliable internet connection so that my two toddlers can watch Baby Shark whenever they want. Excitel does just that; in addition to having a robust network, it also affords me cheap access to several OTT platforms.

– Preeti Joshi

I recently signed up for Excitel’s broadband service, and I’m very pleased with how fast and dependable it is. The customer support staff was very helpful, and the installation process went smoothly.

– Amey Deshpande

I was tired of having to deal with sluggish internet speeds and constant buffering and lagging, but the Excitel seamless connection has made my work from home more efficient and enjoyable broadband service has completely changed how I interact online.

– Sagar Gandhi

I’m Aditi from Mumbai. My life has been greatly facilitated by the reasonable packages and first-rate service. There has never been downtime, and the speed is constant.

– Aditi Rao

With my previous broadband service, I frequently experienced connection problems, but ever since I switched to this one, I have never experienced any such issues. The service has been completely hassle-free, and the customer support team is always available to assist.

– Amol Sawant
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