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*Plans are applicable only for renewals.
*Plans are applicable only for renewals.
*Plans are applicable only for renewals.

Broadband plans in Mumbai

Looking for a solution to lagging and unreliable internet connectivity? Look no further, Mumbai residents, Excitel has you covered with internet connectivity, starting at ₹667 for three months, giving you 100 Mbps speed. Reap the benefits of choosing Excitel over highly-priced ISPs in your area!

Discover The Best Broadband Plans in Mumbai

Ditch the lag, beat data caps, and enjoy Mumbai life with the perfect broadband plan! Whether you’re a streaming enthusiast, a remote worker, or a hardcore gamer, Excitel has a broadband plan for you all. Explore blazing speeds from 100 Mbps to 400 Mbps at reasonable rates, like nowhere else!

Choosing Excitel Broadband for a Seamless Broadband Experience in Mumbai

Say goodbye to buffering and data caps that don’t let you experience the ultimate internet advantage! Excitel Broadband allows you to enjoy speeds from 100 Mbps to 400 Mbps upload and download speeds through unlimited data. Stream 4K movies without a stutter, win your competitive online games and work remotely with confidence.

Excitel’s affordable plans cater to every need, from solo streamers to connected families. Need more? Add popular OTT subscriptions to your new and current Excitel broadband plans for unlimited entertainment. Excellent customer support online and offline is another burden taken off your shoulders. Make the smart choice: choose Excitel – seamless broadband in Mumbai.

Excitel No Data Caps and Fair Usage Policies

Forget data caps and the operators who provide less bandwidth! Excitel Fiber shows you a fresh digital world with unlimited data. Enjoy 4K streams and binge-watch shows and reawaken the gamer in you without worrying about extra charges or data restrictions. Experience a mind-blowing 400 Mbps, all at affordable prices.

Excitel is everyone’s only way to an uncapped and uninterrupted online experience! Check our website to know the best plans for you!


  • What are the benefits of Excitel broadband in Mumbai?

    • Unlimited data: No more worrying about data caps. Stream, game, and work without hiccups with our unlimited data plans.
    • High speeds: Excitel offers various plans with different speed limits so that you can choose the most suitable plan for your home.
    • Affordable prices: Excitel’s plans are very reasonable, making them excellent for those who want to enjoy excellent internet connectivity at modest rates.
    • Reliable service: Excitel has a strong reputation for providing hi-speed internet connections, even during bad weather conditions.
    • 24/7 customer support: Excitel offers 24/7 customer support, so you can contact our customer support team whenever there is an issue with the speed, connectivity or billing.
    • OTT subscriptions: Some Excitel plans include free subscriptions to popular OTT platforms like SonyLIV, Zee5, Disney+Hotstar, Raj Digital and more.
  • How do I choose the best broadband service in Mumbai?

    Look for the right broadband services after understanding your internet needs.

  • What does the Excitel OTT offer in Mumbai?

    Subscribers can enjoy hundreds of live channels with Disney+Hotstar, Raj Digital, FanCode, Discovery, Aha and more such platforms.

  • How much must I pay for these new OTT plans in Mumbai?

    If you pay ₹592 for 400 Mbps speed for 12 months, you can enjoy a free subscription to Disney+Hotstar. If you choose the 400 Mbps plan, you can enjoy 21 OTT platforms with other channels for the best prices.


Hi, I’m Preeti from Mumbai and I need a reliable internet connection so that my two toddlers can watch Baby Shark whenever they want. Excitel does just that; in addition to having a robust network, it also affords me cheap access to several OTT platforms.

– Preeti Joshi

I recently signed up for Excitel’s broadband service, and I’m very pleased with how fast and dependable it is. The customer support staff was very helpful, and the installation process went smoothly.

– Amey Deshpande

I was tired of having to deal with sluggish internet speeds and constant buffering and lagging, but the Excitel seamless connection has made my work from home more efficient and enjoyable broadband service has completely changed how I interact online.

– Sagar Gandhi

I’m Aditi from Mumbai. My life has been greatly facilitated by the reasonable packages and first-rate service. There has never been downtime, and the speed is constant.

– Aditi Rao

With my previous broadband service, I frequently experienced connection problems, but ever since I switched to this one, I have never experienced any such issues. The service has been completely hassle-free, and the customer support team is always available to assist.

– Amol Sawant