Benefits of Choosing Excitel Over Other Broadband Providers in India

Benefits of Choosing Excitel Over Other Broadband Providers in India

The demand for fiber optic internet was high when India experienced lockdowns. Since then, there has been an increase in fiber connections, and there is no going back. Though there are several internet providers in the country, Excitel leads the way. Read on to know why you should opt for our fiber broadband.

Why choose Excitel?

Fiber optic internet connectivity is expensive globally, and it’s the same in India. But, with Excitel, fiber connections had a new beginning, as anyone could afford Excitel’s broadband plans. The brand is more than just an affordable internet provider; find out the other benefits of choosing their packages here.

No data cap
All the internet providers in India restrict their users from using the bandwidth given to them entirely. But, Excitel is the only fiber optic internet provider with no such data caps.

Easy installation process
Many will worry about the initial installation process for a new broadband connection. With Excitel, everything is fine. A team of technicians will arrive at your home or office and complete the installation in no time. You don’t have to pay extra on the day of installation and worry about the router or the connection. Even if an issue should arise, you can immediately contact the customer support team to resolve it quickly. When you choose your internet package, you have to pay only once for installation.

Affordable fiber internet
Excitel’s aim was to power India with fiber internet at affordable prices. Excitel is the only internet service provider in the country to be able to provide high-speed fiber internet across all the major cities. There are no extra charges for maintenance

Exciting plans
All the other broadband providers often provide free OTT subscriptions to attract customers. But Excitel’s OTT plans act as rewards for your particular internet plan. It includes Zee5, Voot Select, Eros Now, ShemarooMe and 15 other channels if you enjoy watching series and movies online. Apart from this, all the broadband plans from Excitel are unlimited. There are separate packages that cater to your casual browsing, gaming and streaming requirements. You can find 200, 300 and 400 Mbps plans starting just at ₹592.

Why should you choose fiber internet?

Offers high-speed internet
Fiber-optic cables are made of glass fibers thinner than a human hair. Through these cables, data or information is transmitted at the speed of light. Everyone knows how fast light travels. Imagine how fast your broadband connection will be if you have a fiber optic connection at home.

Transmits data with no interruptions
Only copper cables have magnetic field disturbances, which interfere with the speed at which data is transmitted. The optic lines are heavy since there are a large number of tiny glass fibers attached. Since glass is highly non-reactive, the connection does not get disturbed, no matter what happens. Also, these glass fibers are highly resistant to corrosion and weather; hence you can enjoy fiber optic internet throughout the year. Even if you experience any internet outage in your area, fiber optic connectivity will not slow you down.
Why wait when you can enjoy unlimited fiber internet from Excitel? Head to our website and choose the most favourable plan for your home and business and say yes to fuss-free internet connections!