Excitel broadband: Is it worth the investment for high-speed internet?

Excitel broadband: Is it worth the investment for high-speed internet?

The world is gearing up for Wi-Fi 7, but many opt for fiber broadband due to its many advantages in India. Choosing a fiber internet service provider can be confusing, but here’s a guide to investing in Excitel Wi-Fi plans. Read on to learn the benefits of our broadband technology at home.

Symmetric speed is when your upload and download speeds are the same. Fiber internet dominates the broadband sector in India and the world due to providing symmetric speeds. With Excitel at home, you need not worry about power outages or slow signals, and the speed will be consistent and stable throughout the day.

Customer service
Excitel was developed to ensure fiber internet is available for the middle class and others at an affordable cost. Keeping this in mind, Excitel’s customer service team works tirelessly to resolve issues and escalations. For a quick response to all your doubts and requirements, choose Excitel broadband.

Fiber internet offers massive bandwidth because of the speed at which it’s transmitted and less attenuation in terms of long-distance data transmission. You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth with Excitel, as it’s fast during peak hours too.

Since the data moves across the glass fiber cables at the speed of light, one can find little intrusion. Even when someone tries to hack, responses can be quicker, as the intrusion is easily noticeable. Also, with cable and other broadband types, gaining access to private networks are easy with spoofed websites. With fiber cables, this is nearly impossible. Any damage to the glass cables can be easily identified in its initial stage, and that’s why fiber cables and fiber optic broadband are secure. Exctiel’s modem and they use the latest technology and have updated firmware, so you don’t miss out on any major software upgrades.

Fiber internet is reliable as it is a passive internet connection and does not rely on electricity much. Your internet service provider need not use electrical equipment to initiate a new line for your home. You may think fiber cables need to be stronger, as these are made of glass. But these are weather-resistant and can last longer. Even if these are buried underground, these fiber cables won’t be prone to any damage.

Many might think fiber broadband plans in India are expensive, as these offer high-speed internet and are reliable 24*7. But only a few know the benefits of Excitel’s fiber. We provide different plans for all your browsing necessities; we have got you covered for gaming and streaming. Want to know another exciting thing about our plans? Anyone can afford Excitel, even in rural and urban centres, as our brand aims to make India the best place for future fiber internet connections. Here are our three golden and basic broadband plans for home and business for a minimum of three months-

200 Mbps at ₹592 casual browsing
300 Mbps at ₹667 streaming
400 Mbps at ₹833 for gaming

Why should you choose Excitel?

You would be convinced why Excitel’s the best by these factors. Excitel has always had customers at its core to ensure everyone makes the best of our fiber broadband. Hence, no matter if you are new to the world of fiber internet or want to switch to Excitel from another internet service provider, we always give you more in terms of plans and internet!


Which is better, Excitel or Jio fiber?
Though Jio plans are attractive, everyone will want long-term affordable fiber plans. If you wish to continue using fiber internet for your home and business, Excitel is your best choice. Jio offers 300 Mbps at ₹1,499 for one month, whereas Excitel charges only ₹667 for three months.
Which is better, Airtel or Excitel Wi-Fi?
While Airtel offers unlimited broadband packages at ₹499, the users have restricted data usage. But with Excitel, you can get unlimited internet for all fiber plans with no data cap. Also, for 300 and 400 Mbps offers, entertainment is non-stop with Excitel’s OTT subscriptions. Hence, choosing it for your Wi-Fi connection is the best solution for your home and business.
How can I increase my Excitel Wi-Fi speed?
To increase the speed, you can switch to a plan to upgrade your current offer. You can also increase the speed by clearing the cache on the computer, updating the router firmware, and using a solid ad blocker. These tricks can come in handy whenever you face network issues often.