10 best VPNs for 2023 in India

10 best VPNs for 2023 in India

Torrent and other websites where you download popular games, often need a highly-secure online feature VPN. If you want to know more about the top VPNs in India which you can use this year, continue reading this article.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps establish a protected and safe online environment for browsing. It encrypts your IP address to mask your identity while using public networks. As a result, it is safe from malicious threats that steal your information.

How does it work?

The VPN safeguards your network by creating a tunnel between your network and many servers of the VPN host. VPN hosts have several servers from many countries. Simply put, you can browse online without revealing your true identity. VPN assigns you a virtual address, which is not a real one. There is always a misconception that VPNs are banned in India; however, there is no ban in the country.

Nord VPN

Nord has more than 30 active servers in India at present. You can click on ‘Quick Connect’ to find the nearest server for a seamless and fast browsing experience. Your IP address is 100% secure when you are using Nord VPN. The Nord servers are scattered across India, so you can be sure of receiving a high-speed connection. It switches your IP address twice for extra protection. Another advantage of Nord VPN is connecting up to six mobile devices with one account, which is equally fast on mobiles.

Express VPN

Express VPN is one of the fastest to work online for unlimited gaming, streaming, and browsing. Though this VPN is not physically present in India, Express is available virtually through UK and Singapore servers. Almost 94 countries have access to Express, both physically and virtually, which you can use from anywhere you want. If you are worried about the lengthy process involved in setting up VPN on your devices, this site brings you a hassle-free process. You can work with Express VPN on the go, so you don’t have to stick to one place. Another exciting feature is contacting their online customer support 24*7 if you face any technical issues.


CyberGhost, available in more than 80 countries, is an option if you want to access restricted content. The initial setup is easy, and you can use it in India and abroad. It supports up to 10Gbps to enjoy streaming HD videos for extended periods. CyberGhost promises 100% anonymity, as it operates through only virtual servers. It also has an excellent customer support team, who is here to support you anytime you need their help. You can choose the nearest server for the best experience online.


Though there are no physical servers for Proton in India, you can do with its Switzerland servers. Its interface is beginner-friendly and can support your laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and even routers. Proton establishes a secure link between your system and the network involved, ensuring no transfer of your information. There is no third-party involvement while using Proton on your devices.

Strong VPN

If there is one best thing about Strong VPN, it is its versatile user experience on Windows, Android, and iOS spaces. You don’t have to worry about the VPN logging your online entries and censorship. Its WireGaurd feature adds an additional safety net to enhance the software’s system performance, speed, and security.


If you are fond of downloading movies from Torrent, you might want to subscribe to TorGaurd’s premium plans for additional safety and a seamless experience. It has more than 3,000 active servers, so you need not worry about overload at any time of the day. Even if the websites you use have VPN blockades, TorGuard helps you slide past those issues. If you are a premium user and if you don’t like their features, you can cancel the membership anytime and get your money back.


Though it has access to only 18 countries, IPVanish has more than 2,000 fast and highly-secure servers. It does not restrict access to laptops and mobiles; you can also use IPVanish on local hotspots and Wi-Fi servers. IPVanish has remarkable encryption features, which safeguard your information from hackers. There is no cap on a VPN connection, which you can use for an extended period.


SurfShark is the best VPN that gives unlimited access to all your browsing needs at an affordable rate. SurfShark blocks unwanted pop-ups and malware that can compromise your device location. It is beneficial when you access public Wi-Fi, as there are a lot of chances of getting hacked. Even though it hides your location, SurfShark does not tamper with your search results.


No matter what device you are using, ZenMate promises the highest speed, as it has more than 4,500 active servers. If you want to use it for free, you have ZenMate’s extensions for Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. ZenMate offers a Kill Switch feature, which protects your information even if your VPN fails to do its work.


Even before you can begin browsing, Atlas VPN establishes a secure connection as the first step. With its SafeSwap feature, you can easily switch between various browsers to protect your anonymity, and its MultiHop feature lets you use multiple locations for better security.

You might already know that VPN might tamper with your internet connection, reducing speed. However, there is no need to worry if you have fiber internet. Excitel brings high-speed fiber broadband at the lowest prices across India. So, enjoy unlimited internet for browsing, streaming, and gaming with the fastest connections, even with VPN extensions.