5 Movies To Watch To Celebrate Father’s Day With Your Family

5 Movies To Watch To Celebrate Father’s Day With Your Family

Father’s Day is here, and it makes for a wonderful opportunity to put aside everything else in our lives and spend some quality time with our families. Over the years there have been some great movies that have captured the meaning of being a father, from the love for your children, to being their protector and friend, to reinventing your own identity when you become a parent. So this Father’s Day, we bring you the perfect list of movies to watch, as you celebrate the day with the loved ones in your life, whether that be in your homes, or virtually. Let’s get started!

  • Finding Nemo

Possibly one of the best animated films to be ever made, Finding Nemo has become an iconic film today, having defined the genre for a generation of movie goers. The film centres around a clownfish who tries to find his lone offspring, a young fish named Nemo who gets caught in a fishnet after having an argument with his father. The movie has everything from emotions, drama, and parental love, to friendships, thill, and even mystery, and of course, a lot of laughs. Making it the ultimate movie to watch on Father’s Day. You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar.

  • Three Men and a Baby

Throwing it back to the 80’s we have the classic film, Three Men and a Baby, with actors like Tom Sellck (Richard from Friends) and Ted Danson (Michael from The Good Place). The film is about three friends who are enjoying a quintessential American bachelorhood, until a mysterious baby appears at their doorstep and they must rise to the occasion. The film even spun a Bollywood remake in Hey Baby. You can watch the movie on YouTube or Google Play for a nominal fee.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness

Any discussion of fathers in movies is left incomplete without the mention of this 2006 film. It is a biographical drama film starring Will Smith as Chris Gardner, a struggling homeless salesman, and his son, played by Will Smith’s own son Jaden Smith. The movie is based on the best-selling memoir of the same name depicting the many hardships Gardner endures on his journey to provide a better life for him and his son. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

  • The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is an experimental epic drama film, with an ensemble cast featuring  Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and many other highly regarded actors. The film chronicles the origin and meaning of life through the lens of a middle-aged man’s childhood memories of his family living in 1950s Texas. This narrative of Jack trying to mend the troubled relationship with his father is interspersed with imagery of the origins of the known universe and the inception of life on Earth. The film received much critical acclaim, and won the Palme d’Or, at Cannes. You can stream the movie on both YouTube and Google Play for a one time fee.

  • Interstellar

An epic science fiction film, there are many reasons to watch Interstellar, from its direction by Christopher Nolan and its star-studded cast to its beautiful cinematography and haunting score. Among these reasons is also the story of a father and daughter, played beautifully by Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain. They are joined by other great actors like Matthew Caine, Anne Hathway, and Matt Damon onscreen. The film has many elements, but the central emotional plot is driven by a father trying to return to his daughter, and a daughter’s connection to her father. You can watch Interstellar on YouTube and Google Play for a Fee.