5 ways to get your Instagram reels trending

5 ways to get your Instagram reels trending

Instagram reels are the innovative reality of today. No matter what age or place you represent, chances are that you might have encountered the endless, exciting content available on this feature of the popular social media app. Since its launch in early -2020, Instagram’s rollicking reels have become widely popular and have the power to create high engagement and reach more audiences, and offer tremendous potential that can also make you a celebrity overnight! So, how can you hop on to the reel wagon and create trendy reels apart from just having high-speed internet at your home?

Listed below are five Instagram reels tips and tricks to help you jump-start the creative process.

 #1. Script so you don’t drift!

While “winging it” may work for many things, Instagram reels are not it. One of the most important tips is to structure your content so that it doesn’t get lost in the sea of surplus. Scripting your reels and planning your content will help set a direction. Every reel you create shall work with a vision and be a part of a bigger strategy. Making filler content is okay but don’t forget your dash of dazzling originality.

#2. Participation is Perfection!

Instagram reels have a feature that allows the viewers to duet with a video. Keeping this in mind, you can create content that is interactive and will allow for an active dialogue with your viewership. Two-way dialogue, ‘Put-your-finger-down’ and do-it-yourself videos are just some examples to take inspiration from; because what better way to reach an audience than to have them repeat and re-post your reels?

#3. Don’t forget the Aesthetics!

A major reason why some reels do better than the rest is the production value put into them. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to create a set and make props but just that your content shall not be droopy and dark. Use strong lighting and visually harmonious colors/backgrounds for a well-rounded outcome. Instagram Reels have a maximum capacity of 60 seconds which is the time you have to put your best foot forward or else you will be out of sight and subsequently, out of mind.

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