A complete guide to Excitel’s new Smart Wi-Fi plan

A complete guide to Excitel’s new Smart Wi-Fi plan

Smart TV with an unlimited Wi-Fi plan is the new way to enjoy quality time with your friends and family. Read on to learn the latest innovative Wi-Fi plan for your weekend entertainment.

Benefits of owning a smart TV

Stream-on-demand content instantly
Whatever you are in the mood for, be it romance, sci-fi, comedy or thriller, you can quickly play any series and movie you want on a smart TV. Or if you have something to watch on your phone, tablet or laptop, you can readily cast on the TV without any trouble.

Access all the major OTT platforms
Watching movies and series on all ott platforms like- Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, and Apple TV+ is fascinating. Sliding through their content and these apps on your TV sure makes for an exciting weekend.

Browse the web
You can easily catch up on the latest news on Google, one of your smart TV’s built-in apps. With Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, wake up to global news snippets smartly!

Listen to your favourite music
Have you listened to the top albums on Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple on your smart TV? After a long day at the office or anywhere you were, winding up with excellent and soulful beefed-up sound in your living room brings immense joy!

Scroll on social media
If your smartphone, computer or tablet are all out of reach and you want to check out your friends’ social media updates, you can do it on your smart TV! All the latest smart TVs have these apps installed to save time and make your search easier.

Play games
A few high-end smart TVs have games like Sudoku, Solitaire, PacMan, Guess Who and more. Or, if you are an avid gamer and own gaming consoles, you can connect Xbox and PlayStation to your TV and have a fun weekend with friends and family.

Use an all-in-one-remote
You can control anything like sound and connected devices, or if you want to change the app settings across various platforms, you don’t need anything else apart from one remote control of your smart TV.

Sync with other smart devices
Another smart feature of the latest TVs is connecting Google Nest, Bixby and Amazon Nexa. You can control the thermostat to music in any corner of your house!

Use voice-control
Play and pause or increase the volume while your favourite movie or song is on, with a command from wherever you are, with the help of the remote of smart TV.

Skype your family and friends
You can enjoy better-quality video calls on Skype through your TV. You don’t have to struggle with your laptop, a small webcam and a tiny space on your desk! Show them your room with an excellent view of your home on your smart TV.

Create photo slideshows
Since your LED TVs have more brightness, clarity and vivid picture quality, enjoy watching your vacation pictures from your recent or past vacation on this and walk down memory lane!

What is Excitel’s Smart Wi-Fi plan, and what are its benefits?
The new Excitel’s innovative Wi-Fi plan offers a smart TV and 300 Mbps internet offer at only ₹999 monthly if subscribed annually. The 32-inch smart TV has an HD-Ready panel, two 10W speakers, an HDMI port, a USB port, an AV port, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and Android 9.0 support. The users also get a one-year on-site warranty for the smart television. Subscribers can access over 300 live channels with subscriptions for platforms like Alt Balaji, Hungama Play, Hungama Music, Shemaroo, Epic On, and Playbox TV. The router is also a part of the plan, and there is no installation charge.

Comparison of Excitel’s Smart Wi-Fi Plan with other providers
Though there are other Wi-Fi plans for smart TV, in contrast, you will know that Excitel’s offer is the best and most inexpensive. To become a new Excitel Smart Wi-Fi plan member, visit our website or contact our regional office in your city!


  1. What speeds can I expect with Excitel’s Smart Wi-Fi Plan?
    You will receive 300 Mbps with our new Smart Wi-Fi plan annually, along with a smart TV, and it does not carry any installation charge.
  2. What should I do if I experience connectivity issues with my smart TV and Excitel’s broadband?
    You can contact our customer-care team through the email ID or contact number on the website, based on your city.