Building your digital home- Tips for setting up the best internet connection

Building your digital home- Tips for setting up the best internet connection

Finding the best internet plans for your home can be easy with our guide! Here are a few points that first-timers should keep in mind before choosing the best internet provider!

Navigating the web: A comprehensive guide to home internet options
Understand the different internet connections

Any internet connection might provide higher internet speeds if you pay more. We are here to guide you on how the internet industry works!
Take any internet connection, cable, Wi-Fi, or DSL; these use old technology systems that may yield less internet speed than you want. What else can you choose for your home, then? You have fiber internet – a boon for today’s faster internet communications! In its initial stages, fiber connections were expensive. This is not the case anymore with Excitel!
The best part is that Excitel’s internet plans can be curated for your requirements! You can get more internet speed without any data cap at a comparative price! Follow this blog to learn what our packages are!

Why choose fiber internet for home?

  • It is faster and more reliable during any weather conditions
  • It is more durable than copper cables since there is less magnetic interference
  • It does not rust or wear down quickly due to high temperatures and changes in its surroundings

Home internet demystified: Choosing the right plan for your needs

Research the locally available ISPs

When you install a brand-new internet line for your home, you must focus on the operators with a reputation. The newest internet providers may promise high speeds and unlimited data, but you may face other difficulties since they are just building up their clientele. Hence, choose the more prominent players in your city or area.

Compare the plans and packages

Aligning the ISPs according to your needs should be on your list. Various operators give the highest speed at lower rates; you may be surprised by the OTT offers unlimited data or high upload and download speed. Before choosing the best plan for your home, consider one crucial factor. You must decide if you need the highest speed, unlimited data, or the best customer service. If you know this, then choosing your plan can be effortless!

Read customer ratings and reviews

You may have chosen the best internet provider for your home from your research. But did you contact the existing customers of those ISPs, before you paid your first installment fee? Talking to someone who already knows the ISP can benefit you from making a grave mistake. Hence, before deciding on one service, always consider the key differences between your chosen one and contact the respective team.

Maximising your online experience: Enhancing home internet performance

Optimise your speed

Suppose you are wondering why your internet speeds are low, despite having clear weather outside and owning the best internet plan. In that case, it’s not closing the unnecessary tabs and turning off unused devices. The more tabs you open in the background, the more data will be used, and all the connected devices might hamper the speed. Hence, don’t have over five tabs or apps on your desktop while working. Connect to the internet on the devices only when required to get the maximum speed.

Take an internet speed test

To ensure your internet connection is fast enough from when you installed it, take an Ookla speed test. If you don’t get the desired speed, follow the previous step to optimise the speed or check with your internet operator.
To get the highest and the most consistent internet speed, visit the nearest Excitel store. Or talk to our customer support team today to find out which plan will work best for you!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. What essential components are needed to set up a reliable home internet connection?
    Your home internet connection can become reliable with a high-speed internet connection, an updated modem and router, and gadgets with the latest software updates!
  2. What steps can I take to optimise my Wi-Fi network and ensure seamless connectivity throughout my home?
    Choose a central position to place the router, and don’t keep any electronic gadgets near it. To get the maximum speed, remain close to where your router is set. Get a Wi-Fi extender to be connected at home, even if you are far from the internet hotspot.
  3. How can I secure my home network from potential threats and maintain a safe online environment for my family?
    Use the anti-virus software that your internet provider suggests. You can also use VPN to block your address and prevent unnecessary data loss due to online threats.