Burnouts in the era of online education

Burnouts in the era of online education

Owing to the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the government has encouraged online education to ensure academic continuity. Not just limited to schools, many colleges have also partaken in this journey of online education through platforms like Zoom, Microsoft teams and Google Meet. Online forms of education have become a huge part of the reality and are revolutionising the way we have been consuming knowledge. It has allowed people across state borders an opportunity to consume quality knowledge which was missing for some time.

While the positives of online education have been wooing the entire generation, what we have unintentionally been missing out from acknowledging is the constant feeling of being burnt out owing to the continuous screen interaction and a lack of human interaction.

Addressing the aftermath of continued virtual partake of knowledge by students, one of the first steps is to clearly distinguish an area for studying and an area of rest. It is often noticed that people often tend to mix the two which creates an overarching sense of laziness amongst the students. Additionally, to create a healthy balance, students should be encouraged to consciously include physical activities that will help in giving them a much deserved break from the constant screen time.

One of the many things that has also been affected by the era of zoom university is a sense of discipline. Students now wake up 5 minutes before a class and attend it with zero interest owing to the lack of discipline which is making them more and more lethargic. A set routine for the day for students also has the ability to combat this sense of burnout and give it a necessary structure.

Online education is going to be an important part of the new normal. It now becomes imperative for us to undertake steps that can reduce the chances of burnout caused by continued screen time.