Comparing Excitel with other broadband providers in India: The key differences

Comparing Excitel with other broadband providers in India: The key differences

Broadband has become an essential part of our lives, and it’s no surprise that fiber internet is so common in many Indian households. If you are looking for a new fiber connection for your home or business, read this to know why you should choose Excitel.

A comprehensive guide to finding your ideal package

Bharti Airtel has been India’s leading telecom and broadband provider for many years. With the most extensive customer base, Airtel’s plans are priced high, though users are satisfied with the symmetric speeds. Airtel’s initial fiber broadband plan is for ₹499, giving at least 40 Mbps per month.

Reliance Jio 
Jio fiber was introduced first in 2019, and the company is working to roll out 6G services across India. It’s the second largest internet provider in India after Airtel. Jio broadband starts at ₹399, providing 30 Mbps. Many opt for Jio, found in many urban centres offering additional OTT subscriptions.

Though Tata fiber is faster, it is offered at competitive prices. The installation and other initial procedures are simple, and you can find their initial plan for ₹950, which gives 150 Mbps for a month. Tata fiber goes up to ₹10,000 for three months, which offers faster speeds, given its rate.

Hathway is India’s leading cable TV and cable internet provider and has been here for a while. Though Hathway provides quarterly, half-yearly and annual broadband plans, many have found the half-yearly plans beneficial for their rate and reasonable speed.

Operating as one of the oldest telecom providers in India, BSNL is famous among middle-class households across the states. Though many complained about the reduced speed, it’s an affordable option for many.

How is Excitel different from other internet services?

  • Speed and cost – Excitel is the only fiber broadband provider that offers 200 Mbps for three months at the lowest price. Whatever plan you choose, we promise symmetric speeds, throughout the day, even during peak hours. Excitel provides stable speed and connection if you browse, play, or stream. Our customers also get the basic and premium plans at the best and lowest prices, which no other broadband provider could offer.
  • Customer service – Besides the best plans and lowest prices, Excitel takes pride in its customer support team. They are the backbone, contacting customers and working to meet all their expectations. Our members are available on the toll-free number, which you can find on the website.
  • Cost-effective prices – Excitel’s basic fiber plan starts at ₹592, which gives 200 Mbps. This speed is more than sufficient for a family of four members. However, you can also customise the plans for which the prices will vary within reasonable limits.
  • No data cap – Almost all the top fiber internet providers restrict their customers from using the total bandwidth. Excitel does not impose any data caps for all users, which means you can enjoy unlimited data until you renew your existing broadband plan.

Excitel fiber internet plans

SpeedRateMinimum active periodPrimary purpose/requirement
200 Mbps₹5923 monthsBrowsing
300 Mbps₹6673 monthsStreaming
400 Mbps₹8333 monthsGaming

We are sure you will find Excitel, your home and business’s most promising fiber provider. Visit our website and discuss with our team to know the best plans for your home and business for truly unlimited internet and fun.


What is the comparison between Jio fiber and Excitel?
Comparing Jio and Excitel plans, you can find that Jio also offers its initial plan at ₹399 per month. But it gives only 30 Mbps, whereas Excitel gives 100 Mbps for three months at the cost of ₹592. Jio restricts the users with a data cap, while Excitel does not. From this, you can understand that Excitel is better than Jio.

Which is the No 1 broadband service in India? 
Though many think Airtel and Jio fiber are the top broadband services in India, with a vast customer base, Excitel’s rapidly expanding across India, as the broadband plans are offered at the lowest prices ever.

Which is the best plan for the internet? 
If you want fiber broadband for your home, the best plan is Excitel’s 200 Mbps plan for three months at ₹592. This is the cheapest deal you can get anywhere you are in India.