Connect the World Strongly and Effectively With Excitel Broadband

Connect the World Strongly and Effectively With Excitel Broadband

Excitel broadband offers value-for-money plans at affordable prices. You can choose from Excitel fiber plans and Excitel broadband plans. If you are living in the capital, you will be glad to know that Excitel even has special OTT plans for Delhi. Connect with Excitel customer service, who can help you decide on a plan based on your specific requirements. It’s a great option for students, working professionals and business owners.

What makes Excitel Broadband a strong and effective choice for connecting the world?

Excitel offers some of the best internet plans at great prices. Hence, it has become one of the popular internet service providers nationwide. Other standout features include…

Strong connectivity
This internet service provider has gained a reputation in the market for providing a strong, reliable connection, with few disruptions, always ensuring better connectivity.

What features or technologies does Excitel Broadband employ to enhance connectivity?

Best internet

Consumers have a wide range of plans to choose from at affordable rates. Excitel also offers the best internet connectivity, even in remote locations across the country.

Reliable connectivity

Ensuring customers get value for the money paid, this internet service provider offers a reliable internet service with few power outages or disruptions. As a result, an Excitel consumer can browse the net with better connectivity.

Great customer support

Excitel also offers excellent customer service. You can open a ticket through the mobile app if you face an issue. All complaints lodged are addressed on priority. If you have any queries or feedback, you can also contact customer support, who can resolve and address your concerns.

How does Excitel broadband expand its coverage to reach users in remote or rural areas?

Excitel broadband uses different technologies to expand its coverage to users in remote areas.


Excitel connects its clients in rural areas using Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology, giving them access to the same high-speed internet as those in urban areas.

Microwave technology

Internet may be sent across large distances using the wireless technology of the microwave. Excitel connects its consumers in rural locations where FTTH networks are not accessible using microwave technology.

Satellite internet

is another technology Excitel employs for better connectivity in remote locations.
Excitel also collaborates with regional partners like local government, businesses, and community organisations to ensure better connectivity in remote areas.

How do I increase my Excitel speed?

Restart your router to resolve network issues. Check for any software upgrades, as updates from Excitel might enhance performance. You can also move your router to the center of your home. Connecting your computer to the router using an Ethernet cable can also help. You can also use a Wi-Fi extender if your home is large or if many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi. If this does not work, consider upgrading to a better Excitel plan that meets your requirements.

How does Excitel Broadband ensure a reliable and stable internet connection for users worldwide?

Excitel broadband offers fiber broadband services with a stable connection and better connectivity. It’s also known to have a low contention ratio, i.e., the number of users sharing the bandwidth. This results in faster speeds and better connectivity. Also, the network is designed to be robust and can effectively handle heavy traffic volume with few power outages and disruptions. Additionally, Excitel offers 24/7 customer service with a dedicated support team to address any concerns that users may face at a given time.

How do I connect to Excitel broadband?

Verify Excitel broadband coverage in your region. You can do this by visiting Excitel’s website. Enter your address here; applying for a connection is possible if your location is serviced. You can apply for an Excitel connection by visiting an Excitel office or via the site.

You will get a modem and a router if your application is accepted. For your Excitel account, you must also create a username and password. Your home network should be connected to the modem and router. The modem and router manuals have advice on how to do this. Switch on the router and modem. Follow the instructions to set up your connection. Test your connection speed by browsing the net, listening to music, or a video online.