Demystifying the OTT platform: Everything you need to know

Demystifying the OTT platform: Everything you need to know

The abbreviation OTT stands for Over-the-Top. With no need for conventional broadcast, cable, or satellite pay-TV providers, this handy little term describes the new approach of streaming movie and television programming anytime we want across numerous platforms. In simple terms, OTT streaming means paying an internet provider, like Excitel, for internet access to watch Netflix without paying for cable TV.

Introduction to OTT Platforms

You can access OTT platforms in many ways, including via your computer, phone, tablet, smart TV, or gaming console. You don’t need a subscription to a TV service provider—but depending on the OTT platform, you may need a subscription to the OTT platform. It is the case for services like Netflix and Disney+, where users can access curated content anytime with a monthly or yearly subscription. Some OTT platforms, like Amazon, don’t charge customers subscription fees, generating revenue by showing their viewers ads while they’re watching content or offering reduced-cost subscriptions with limited ads.

Popular OTT platforms and their offerings

Many OTT platforms provide OTT media services, including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, CuriosityStream, Pluto TV, and more.

Unlike OTT platforms, YouTube is a social video platform initially designed to allow everyday consumers to share moments caught on video. YouTube has attempted to enter the OTT market several times with limited success since the market sees YouTube as a place for free content.

The accessibility of OTT content is one of the many reasons it’s so popular, and OTT providers are now producing some of the best original content. To stream OTT, customers only require a high-speed internet connection and a device that supports apps or browsers.

One of the most popular OTT services worldwide, not just in India, is Netflix. Netflix offers a wide selection of hand-picked movies and shows in different languages, with some of the best Netflix Originals in films and shows.

Disney+ Hotstar
It is a premium entertainment network owned by the India-based subsidiary Walt Disney Company. Disney+ Hotstar gives you access to all the channels owned by Star, such as HBO, Star World, Star Plus, and more. It also offers a variety of hot kids shows from Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon has its own OTT service in India, Amazon Prime Video. It is a developing OTT platform with many films and TV episodes. The platform offers a professionally curated selection of shows and TV series from India, which is what Indian viewers are interested in.

Sony Liv app
Sony Liv is a free Indian OTT offering from Sony Entertainment Network. It offers unlimited access to movies, TV shows, notable short films, kids-friendly content, and more. It also focuses on live cricket streaming, licensed to Sony LIV only for specific major series.

Zee5 OTT platform
Zee5 is one of the best in India. It is easy to use, whether you have a subscription or are starting with it. They have many shows, including Lifestyle, exclusive stories, short stories, Children’s Shows, and many more. The audio and video quality is good, and the platform handles everything. There is also a chatbot which makes it easier to access the content.

Excitel let’s you watch movies and TV shows in uninterrupted 4K HDR and with Dolby Atmos sound. With Excitel, you can manage any content from apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee5 and 3000+ apps that you can download. It provides you with a wholesome entertainment experience.


  1. How does an OTT platform work?
    OTT refers to transmitting content through a fast Internet connection instead of through more conventional distributors like broadcasters, cable companies, and IPTV providers. OTT material typically refers to movies or TV shows that may be seen on a connected TV, laptop, tablet, or phone.
  2. What is an OTT platform?
    OTT is shortened for Over-The-Top. Streaming assistance ties viewers instantly to utilising the internet as a medium. You can skim for live occasions; web series shows and movies of every genre.
  3. What does OTT stand for?
    OTT stands for Over-The-Top.
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