Digging into the digital garden – How the internet is revolutionising gardening?

Digging into the digital garden – How the internet is revolutionising gardening?

There’s nothing that AI can’t change today. All fields have witnessed sweeping changes recently. Gardening, which is more than a hobby now, is also greatly influenced by the internet and technology. Here’s how online tools can help you grow plants, no matter where you are in your gardening journey!

How does the internet help in gardening?

  • Using apps for better and mindful gardening
    The first thing on the internet that helps you grow plants better is apps! Android and iOS apps developed these days are used for various purposes, and gardening is one of them. Apps like Garden Manager, INaturalist, Garden Tags, and Flower Checker help address your specific queries. These let you know when to water your plants, use suitable and organic pesticides, and quickly identify a particular plant species. These apps also let you know when the sowing cycle starts for a specific plant and the essentials for gardening and interact with like-minded individuals online.
  • Utilising smart devices
    You can change the gardening game with smart devices that use Wi-Fi to detect what has gone with your plants. Smart sprinklers, weather and plant sensors are a few devices that make your gardening worthwhile. These can monitor, if your plant needs a change in soil; the smart sprinklers can assess how much water these require and quickly evaluate the fluctuating weather changes with Wi-Fi. These form the ‘smart-home technology’ to make your living better, fun and more advanced.
  • The use of Artificial Intelligence in gardening
    Using AI in your gardening is more like Android and iOS apps. However, following AI-enabled practices can give the most accurate results regarding the proper pH balance of the soil, ideal water and oxygen levels and many more. AI apps can give optimum feedback instantly, especially when there’s sporadic rainfall and a sudden bug attack. Most AI-enhanced applications have chatbots to help you resolve issues quickly.

Benefits of smart gardening

  • Becoming an urban farmer
    Everyone tends to grow vegetables and fruits in their homes due to the increased availability of resources. This makes almost all of us ‘urban farmers’, with functional knowledge of environmental temperature, gardening expertise and other factors, enjoy home-grown brinjals and pumpkins!
  • Helps decrease food scarcity
    As mentioned before, most of us have home gardens now. This helps a great deal in fighting against the vast food scarcity that might happen at any time in the future, as the population is believed to rise to 9 billion by 2050.
  • Increased AI-powered machines for gardening
    Gardening machines powered by artificial intelligence are equipped with features like biodegradable plant pots, nutrient dosing systems, oxygen enrichment systems, intelligent microcontrollers, plant vision technology, water level sensors, water temperature sensors, humidity sensors, light intensity sensors, and chatbots- with in-build speech sensors powered with natural language understanding.
  • More food with less water consumption
    AI technology in gardening and agriculture uses optimal water levels and other measures to improve sustainability. Most of these use solar-powered protocols, which also reduce pollution.
  • Supplies more healthy and cheaper food
    Since most vegetables and fruits will be home-grown, even the prices of exotic ingredients can be reduced. Because there’s limited use of chemicals, these can promote health too.
    You can see that most of the tools mentioned here need Wi-Fi. For this transformation to be effective, you need a cheaper and faster broadband connection. Excitel can provide what you are looking for, so visit our website to learn how we can help you!