Digital well-being – Finding balance in the mobile age

Digital well-being – Finding balance in the mobile age

Understanding digital well-being is important as it lets people divide their time meaningfully for social media and productivity. Read on to learn how beneficial Excitel can be, especially regarding digital detox.

The impact of mobile technology

Waste of time
If you don’t set a duration for using your phone, you will waste lots of time without your knowledge. Did you know that all these wasted hours add up to an entire day in a week? So, be mindful of using it the next time.

Irreparable addiction
Many are afraid of ‘fear of missing out’ on the latest news on social media. This might be the primary reason why so many are addicted. Addiction doesn’t stop there; it also leads to depression and anxiety.

Constant distraction
It’s challenging to stay away from mobile phones during work. While you can use them during the break, a few can’t restrict themselves from using them. They need to be aware of how distracting this can be, as even if you take your phone to attend a call, you will naturally be drawn towards social media apps without your knowledge.

Affected social skills
You may be familiar with ‘zombies’, but do you know what a ‘smombie’ is? Smombie is a term used when mobile phones have exploited our mental health all they can, leaving us distraught by the social world. With increased mobile phone usage, many teenagers can’t interact face-to-face with people. This may also affect people of all ages in the future where emotions don’t matter anymore.

Strategies for achieving digital well-being

Balancing screen time with physical activity
We all see many posts about the importance of physical activity on Instagram. But how can we get fit if we have phones with us all the time? Whether in the morning or evening, take a walk or go to the gym to burn the extra calories.

Prioritising sleep and rest
Many habitually use mobile phones in the dark before sleeping, which can be fatal. Research shows that using mobiles without any light can make a person blind. Avoid phones at night, just before hitting the bed, unless it’s an emergency. Since sleep affects the entire body’s functioning, ensure an excellent seven-to-eight-hour sleep daily.

Managing stress and mental health
You might have heard about digital detox from influencers and others, too, often on social media. People take breaks from Instagram, Twitter and other spaces since being aware of others’ lives can often be distressing. To feel confident about oneself and grow, you should be off the grid for a while.

Building healthy habits
Developing healthy habits is essential to grow personally and professionally. There are several online and offline courses to improve your skills, character and personality. When you learn to stay away from your phone mindfully, you can become a better version of yourself daily.

Fostering meaningful connections
The users should know when to send messages on WhatsApp and when to speak to their families in person. Only some things can be delivered in the right tone through texts, and talking in person will help foster connections with family and others for a few crucial decisions.

How can Excitel help your family with digital well=being?
With Excitel, you not only get unlimited internet, but you also have digital well-being for children if you have kids at home. Sign up to benefit from an ultra-fast fiber connection and mindful internet usage!


  1. How do I check my digital well-being on my phone?
    Tap on the settings and click on the digital well-being option. You can manage time by limiting it to a specific duration, and this also helps you understand how long you have used each app.
  2. What does digital well-being mean on my phone?
    Digital well-being on the phone is mainly designed to increase productivity during any time of the day, and to feel relaxed from work, social media and other distractions.