Discover the common mistakes made while choosing an internet service provider

Discover the common mistakes made while choosing an internet service provider

It’s common to not know what to look for, when you are choosing an ISP for the first time. If you are feeling lost, here’s a guide to help you out!

Avoiding common pitfalls when selecting an internet service provider


More bandwidth means you can browse, stream and play till the end of the month. If it’s less, you need to pay for a new plan within the first weeks. Your ISP can also restrict you from using the total bandwidth due to a fair usage policy. This doesn’t mean you must pay more to enjoy the complete bandwidth. Hence, choose an ISP that doesn’t restrict you from using the entire bandwidth at an affordable rate!

Internet speeds

We use the internet for almost everything today. In that case, you need higher bandwidth and extremely high speeds, so you feel safe when the connection is slower than usual. What if you book flight tickets and the internet needs to be faster and more irritating? So, ensure to choose a plan with both high bandwidth and speed.

Never choose your ISP on recommendation

We commonly ask neighbors, friends, and relatives about their internet connection and provider. Even if they recommend the best ones, only choose one if you are satisfied with your ISP. Research the various ISPs available in your area, look for what they offer and what you want, and then decide on the one that will give you the best plans and offers.

Service agreement

Reading a lengthy service agreement can be tiring. But it would help if you read it thoroughly, as it may contain essential conditions for ending your contract or switching to another plan when you already have an existing internet package. This way, you can learn a lot about your operator too.

Here’s how you can choose the best ISP for home and business


You can only get an ISP who is available in your area. Your area might also need a high-speed internet provider like your city’s. But you can always choose an ISP ready to provide what you need, just like Excitel. Talk to the ISP’s customer support team and determine how to get the best internet connection to your home and business.


Everyone wants the fastest internet connection in the area. It might be for work, for games, or streaming. You need to understand that even if you get the best internet provider in the city, there might be a few times when the internet connection will be down, especially during maintenance. Keeping this in mind, you can choose the most sought-after ISP for your home,


Certain ISPs charge extra for providing high-speed internet and bandwidth. You will be influenced to take the most expensive plan since it offers more speed and bandwidth. But you will know if the connection will be consistent. Even if your connection is faster, you can only spend a little on your internet connection. Hence, choose your internet plan wisely, considering your monthly expenses.

Type of connection

A fiber internet connection is the best for the home since it provides more bandwidth and speed than other connections. Fiber connections use glass fibers that carry information at the speed of light. Hence, you can only find high-speed internet with a fiber connection!


Having unreliable internet connections can prove to be a headache, especially if you are working remotely and if you are in business. Productivity will be affected, and you can’t be on calls that demand high-quality video, or you won’t be able to upload and download large-sized files.

Excitel’s here to assess your needs and provide connections based on your requirements. To find us in your city, visit our website or call our associate to find out how we can help you!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. What are customers’ most common mistakes when choosing an internet service provider?
    Failing to understand your internet needs, choosing more bandwidth than you need, and skipping reading the important customer-client agreement can be a few mistakes when choosing an ISP.
  2. How can I avoid making these common mistakes when selecting an ISP?
    Understanding what your home and business need in terms of business, the first step can be to stop you from making a mistake while choosing an ISP.
  3. What factors should I consider while choosing an Internet service provider?
    Availability in your area, a good customer support team, and reasonable rates are a few factors to consider before choosing an ISP.