Excitel broadband in Lucknow: Unlocking lightning-fast internet speeds

Excitel broadband in Lucknow: Unlocking lightning-fast internet speeds

Excitel’s finer broadband can be seen across India, and Lucknow has the fastest and most reliable fiber internet with our connections. Do you want to switch to a broadband plan with high-speed and exciting OTT offers? Read on to know why you should choose us.

The need for speed: Exploring Excitel’s high-speed internet

Why should you need high-speed internet at home? See here:

  • Easy upgrade to the smart home – Since most home appliances can be controlled by Wi-Fi, having high-speed internet at home can be hugely beneficial. It also helps for seamless integration.
  • Unlock high-speed content – If you don’t enjoy the 4K resolution, are you even enjoying your weekend gaming or binge-watching sessions? With high-speed internet, upscaling your online content to 4K and 8K can be done within moments!
  • Support multiple users and devices – With more family members at home, Excitel’s fiber internet’s an intelligent solution to tackle your bandwidth issues at peak hours! With our connection, you can connect more than three devices simultaneously without affecting the speed.
  • Reliable connection and speed – For high-quality video and audio calls online, fiber internet can benefit those working from home.

Exciting entertainment bundles and OTT subscriptions for Lucknow users

If you are a new Excitel subscriber in Lucknow and still need to get our OTT subscription, what are you waiting for? You can get a subscription for any of our fiber internet plans if you have a plan valid for three months or more. With your current fiber internet subscription, you will enjoy eight OTT apps, including Sony Liv, Zee5, Hungama, Shemaroo, Hungama Music and Play, Epic On, PlayBox TV and Alt Balaji. We know you will sort out your weekend and vacation with these channels!

Excitel Fiber: Unlocking the power of fiber optic internet in Lucknow

There are many fiber internet connections available in India now. But why should you choose us? Here are the reasons why you will be benefited from having Excitel fiber broadband at home:

  • Our basic plans start at just ₹799 for a month, which gives 200 Mbps. The rates are lowered as the duration of your plan increases. Our plans are priced modestly so that anyone can afford and benefit from Excitel’s fiber plans.
  • We can assure you that Excitel broadband will be faster when compared to your previous plans and operators. We are also sure that once you sign up for one of our plans for 30 days, you will be okay with extending it for three months or a year!

Excitel’s customer support and assistance in Lucknow

If you have any doubts regarding our plans for your city, feel free to call our customer support team! You can see the contact number of the nearest branch on our website. We lend technical assistance 24/7 to resolve your issues quickly. If you need changes in your current plans, just a call is enough to transfer to another exciting plan and offer!

Lucknow, are you excited to enjoy unlimited internet at the lowest prices? Visit our website and start your first fiber internet journey with us!


  1. What is the maximum speed of Excitel?
    400 Mbps is the maximum speed that Excitel offers right now. However, 200 and 300 Mbps are enough for a family, as these plans will cover your basic browsing needs.
  2. Which is the fastest Wi-Fi in Lucknow?
    Excitel’s undoubtedly the best Wi-Fi for homes and businesses in Lucknow, as you change the plans and the speed according to your preferences.
  3. Which is the best, Jio fiber or Excitel?
    Excitel’s the best fiber connection, as our 200 Mbps plan starts at ₹799 for a month only. Jio’s fiber connections are priced at ₹999 for one month. Now you know why choosing Excitel is the best option in Lucknow!