Excitel broadband plans in Kanpur

Excitel broadband plans in Kanpur

This is your chance to get the best fiber connection for your home and business in Kanpur! Read on to know why you should choose Excitel and not miss the IPL streaming in HD without us!

Introduction to Excitel broadband

Excitel aims to make fiber internet accessible to everyone in India. We are slowly establishing ourselves throughout the country, even in Tier II cities. Continue reading this to know our plans in Kanpur.

Comparison with other broadband providers in Kanpur

If you compare Excitel with other broadband providers in Kanpur, you will notice that our plans are the most reasonable in your city. Considering Tinkona, Hathway, Airtel, ACT and Reliance’s fiber plans in various parts of Kanpur, you will notice that our 300 Mbps plan at ₹899 for one month is more reliable and faster than the rest. Excitel’s plans in Kanpur include.

SpeedRateMinimum active periodPrimary purpose/requirement
200 Mbps₹7991 monthBrowsing
300 Mbps₹8991 monthStreaming
400 Mbps₹9991 monthGaming

We should also add that our 300 Mbps plan’s the best and has been chosen by many in parts of India. To get to know the entire price list, visit our website.

Features and add-ons of Excitel broadband plans

OTT subscription
There are many features that Excitel broadband plans provide, and the first exciting one is an OTT subscription. No matter what plan you choose, with an additional ₹100 per month, you can enjoy eight OTT apps like Shemaroo, Sony Liv, Zee5 and many more at the lowest cost. For a fun-filled weekend experience, get our latest OTT offers by joining us.

Unlimited data
Unlike other internet service providers, all the plans by Excitel have no data caps. The initial bandwidth that Excitel promised is what you will get till your plan gets exhausted. You can also use the total bandwidth given to you, even during peak hours. This IPL season, you don’t have to worry about the speed or data limits; you sit back and enjoy the match of your favourite team!

Almost all the major cities now have Excitel connections with several region-wise branches. Hence, you won’t face any lag in speed. You can immediately contact your nearest customer support centre even if you encounter any issues. Weather conditions and power outages also can’t stop our fiber connections from giving unimaginable speeds!

Symmetric speed
Many internet service providers promise high download speeds but must improve their upload speeds, and a good broadband connection must also provide an appropriate speed for uploading. If you ask our current customers what the best part of being with Excitel is, their answer is definitely symmetric speed!

Most affordable plans
Excitel ranks as the first fiber broadband in India due to our affordable plans. Since we also customise according to your wishes, many opt for only Excitel fiber.

Installation and customer support for Excitel broadband

The initial installation will be done by our technicians, after which our customer care team will constantly support you in case of any issues. You don’t have to pay a maintenance fee annually, but standard installation charges apply when new to Excitel.

We are sure you have figured out that Excitel is the best choice for your home and business in Kanpur. To discuss further or to customise our plans according to your needs, head to our website to get the contact details of our local branch.


  1. How can I check the availability of Excitel broadband in my area in Kanpur?
    You can contact our support team through the number given on the website or can visit the nearest branch to discuss the plans we offer.
  2. What is the pricing of Excitel broadband plans in Kanpur?
    Most cities have 200 Mbps offers starting ₹799 for one month. You can extend it to one year, for which you must pay ₹424! Contact our team for more updates on the plans!
  3. What are the broadband plans offered by Excitel in Kanpur?
    Excitel’s Kanpur broadband plans include 200, 300 and 400 Mbps starting at ₹799 for one month. For more details, visit our website.