Excitel: Unlocking the Fastest Internet Speeds in Meerut

Excitel: Unlocking the Fastest Internet Speeds in Meerut

Understanding the need for high-speed internet in Meerut
Meerut’s been the hub for ecommerce mainly due to high internet speeds. Since many operators provide fiber internet at competitive prices in Meerut, here’s why you should choose Excitel for your home.

The infrastructure behind Excitel’s high-speed internet

The founder of Excitel wanted to provide Indian households with the cheapest fiber internet for the commoner. Also, our aim was to give fiber connection at the highest speed and lowest prices across India, including tier I and other small towns, with the latest European technology.

Benefits of Excitel’s internet service

Excitel’s affordable pricing plans
While comparing Excitel with other operators on Google, you won’t be able to differentiate between them because these plans would have been listed long ago and might need to be updated with the recent changes. You can customise your plans when you go to the store in person. You will also realise that all the Excitel plans, and other offers are more decent than others in the market.

Excitel’s customer support and reliability
Every area where Excitel’s present has a technician and a customer support team. In case of any glitches, you may initially contact our technician. A few issues can only be raised with customer support, after which a technician might work. To get a clear idea, you can visit the nearest branch. You can get in touch with our team anytime, irrespective of time and day.

Comparing Excitel with other internet service providers in Meerut

Meerut has lots of internet service providers. You may have been in the city for a long time. You have Jio, ACT, BSNL and Airtel, all of which have a data cap, no matter your plan. But with Excitel, you don’t have any data restrictions, meaning you can enjoy the total bandwidth you were promised initially.

Excitel brings the cheapest and most reliable fiber broadband connection to your home during the monsoon season, even when the weather conditions worsen. Other internet connections may be slow the whole day, even after numerous complaints. With Excitel, you will never face these challenges.

Why do you still have to wait to get the highest internet at the best prices in Meerut? Contact our team at the nearest branch in your area!


  1. How do I increase my excitel speed?
    You can increase the Excitel speed at the nearest branch, to meet your needs, and you must pay the appropriate price for the consecutive month.
  2. What is the maximum speed of Excitel?
    Right now, Excitel’s maximum speed is 400 Mbps, which you can get at ₹999 for one month, which you can get in Meerut and other cities as well.
  3. Which broadband is the best in Meerut?
    The best internet connection in Meerut is the one that provides the highest speed at the lowest price, with exciting OTT offers. This is why you must choose Excitel for your home!