Excitel’s Broadband Plan Perfect For Gaming & Streaming In Delhi

Excitel’s Broadband Plan Perfect For Gaming & Streaming In Delhi

Internet speed is one of the most important factors when selecting an Internet service provider. The speed determines your streaming and gaming speed and how many tasks your network can handle at a time. If your internet is slow, check to see if you’re getting the speed you need from your broadband service provider and your home’s Wi-Fi configuration. However, the first step is to determine how much bandwidth you require.

Understanding bandwidth and latency for speed issues

Broadband service providers showcase internet plan speeds based on the maximum download bandwidth. Bandwidth means how much data your internet can send and receive to your computer every second, and latency is measured as the time this information takes to reach your computer. Many people wonder why we measure internet speed in bandwidth instead of latency. Latency differs by microseconds, essential for gaming but minor for other online activities.

Speed you need for streaming with broadband in Delhi

Netflix is a great benchmark to use because it is one of the most efficient when it comes to bandwidth usage, but the rates required for streaming each service vary. Netflix claims a 25Mbps connection is needed for 4K and HDR quality. To achieve that level, you’ll need a high-speed fibre broadband connection.

  • 25Mb – 4K and HDR
  • 5Mb – HD
  • 3Mb – SD
  • 1.5Mb – Recommended minimum
  • 0.5Mb – Required minimum

Speed you need for gaming with broadband in Delhi

You don’t need business-speed internet to play games smoothly, but you need at least 15-20Mbps from your broadband service provider if you play them. However, it would help if you considered your bandwidth. The speed of your Internet connection significantly impacts your online gaming experience. A “good internet speed” is generally regarded as having a download speed of at least 3 Mbps and an upload speed between 0.5 Mbps and 1 Mbps. Choosing a higher internet speed like Excitel allows you to transmit more data, giving you more flexibility and reducing the likelihood of other network limits affecting your game. We recommend Excitel with 300 Mbps or higher download speeds for the best gaming experience.

Excitel Broadband plans for gaming and streaming

Fiber optic cables are the latest technology in the internet service business. These connections use fiber optic cables which transmit data at the speed of light. Unlike cable or DSL, the transmission happens over glass, which is immune to all interference. Two broad types of fiber connections exist – direct internet access (DIA) and fiber net broadband. Direct internet access is an option more commonly used by businesses as it is a dedicated internet line that provides more security and reliability of connectivity. Individuals at home use Fibernet broadband. Fibernet speeds range from 150 Mbps to 1000 Mbps

Excitel Fibernet offers three broadband plans in Delhi, each including a unique set of services and high-speed Internet access. In more detail, let’s look at the Excitel Fibernet broadband plans in Delhi. The Excitel Start pack, which offers 200 Mbps for ₹424 a year, is the cheapest plan. The Excitel Do More plan provides 300 megabits per second for ₹899/month, and the Excitel Play More pack, which offers 400 Mps for 998/month, are the next two options.

Months200 Mbps300 Mbps400 Mbps
1₹ 799₹ 899₹ 999
3₹ 667₹ 717₹ 767
6₹ 449₹ 550₹ 600
12₹ 424₹ 474₹ 524


  1. Is Excitel broadband good for gaming?
    Excitel offers some of the best broadband plans for gaming. With millions of satisfied users nationwide, you should also check out the fantastic broadband plans for streaming from one of the best internet service providers.
  2. What are the requirements for a 4K live stream?
    To stream in 4K quality, you’ll need to send a bitrate of at least 15 Mbps and have a 4K-compatible encoder and streaming service. You’ll also want to ensure your viewers can view the stream in 4K and offer more than one bitrate (recommended).
  3. What is the required internet speed for live-streaming games online?
    Professional gamers need an internet connection that guarantees speeds of at least 6-8 Mbps to give fans a high-quality streaming experience, with higher speeds recommended for higher quality settings and bandwidth overhead.