Excitel’s Unlimited Data Plans: The most affordable Broadband Packages in India

Excitel’s Unlimited Data Plans: The most affordable Broadband Packages in India

There are many fiber broadband operators in India at present. In that case, it’s in the customer’s hands to decide on the best plans that suit their budget and bandwidth requirements. Excitel offers some of the most affordable home and business plans. What makes us stand apart from the other big players? Follow this blog to know how Excitel could be your internet service provider.

Symmetric speed 
The first thing that new users of broadband look for is speed. Many opt for broadband, believing it would be faster than mobile data. Excitel would emerge as the winner because delivering unlimited and consistent speed makes the customers stick with us for extended periods.

Lower cost 
Though many like higher speeds, lots of people will want affordable rates, which they can afford. Almost all the big players provide super-fast broadband connections at steep prices. But Excitel aims to make fiber internet accessible for everyone in India. Hence, all the fiber connections for home and business are less likely to burn a hole in your pockets.

Quick customer support 
Instantly popular brands have excellent customer support teams behind them. Similarly, Excitel is an internet service provider that focuses on its customers. Our support team will help you from installation throughout your journey with Excitel until you want to withdraw our services. Call the toll-free number on our website to pay your due bills and quickly resolve any glitches.

Consistent speed 
All the broadband connections might wind down after a while, say within three months of the installation. You may experience the first roadblock when the connectivity is slow during peak hours. It gradually decreases during regular hours, even when there is not too much pressure for the provided bandwidth in an area. Weather conditions might also affect your broadband connection. Excitel’s technicians, and the establishment of the fiber cables in your region, will ensure stability so that your internet does not waver when there is a drizzle, power outage or any other external factors that influence the broadband connections.

Unlimited internet 
All the broadband providers restrict their customers from using the total bandwidth they are provided, as it’s one of the ways to save data and make profits too. With us, you need not worry about this, as no data cap is imposed on the users. You can always enjoy unlimited internet for gaming and streaming throughout the month.

Quick customisation 
Though Excitel only offers three effective plans for homes and offices, you can always customize the fiber broadband plans according to your requirements. You can contact our local team, who will look into your request and draw up a plan that fits you best.

All fiber connections are reliable for homes and businesses, as power shutdown, weather, or underground changes do not influence the signal. So, you can always choose fiber internet over other connections and recommend it to others too!

These are the reasons why you should have Excitel fiber internet at home. Give your family a chance to relax and enjoy unlimited broadband offers.


Which Excitel broadband plan is best for your home?
When opting for fiber broadband for your home, Excitel offers 100 Mbps for ₹592. This plan gives you enough speed for casual browsing. However, if you want to stream movies and series for entertainment, you can choose 300 and 400 Mbps plans.

Can we get unlimited data from Excitel broadband?
Yes, all the Excitel broadband plans offer unlimited internet without data caps, and you can enjoy the total bandwidth you were initially promised.

What was the impact of the revolution of the internet?
As the internet has become an inseparable part of everyone’s lives, broadband and mobile data rates have significantly reduced over the past few years. This is the most significant impact that the internet has made.