Exploring Internet options in Vishakhapatnam: Which provider is right for you

Exploring Internet options in Vishakhapatnam: Which provider is right for you

You are not alone if you are intimidated by the internet purchasing process. Most internet service providers (ISPs) make it as difficult as possible to understand what speeds you require (both download and upload), how much you will pay each month, and what type of equipment you need to rent or buy. Aside from that, you’ll want to think about contracts, data caps, and installation. It’s a lot to consider, but we’ve broken it down so you can be confident that you’re getting what you need at the best price possible.

Understanding Internet Usage

At least 100 Mbps for downloads and 10 Mbps for uploads are considered decent speeds. With 100Mbps, you can stream Netflix or YouTube, participate in Zoom meetings, and simultaneously play most online games on several devices. Some people can get by with less internet speed, while others require more. If 100Mbps doesn’t appear adequate, determine the required internet speed by following the instructions below.

Follow these tips as you determine your ideal internet speed:

  • To find out your present speed, do a speed test.
  • If you frequently use Netflix, Zoom, or other popular apps, get download rates of at least 50Mbps.
  • If you share your Wi-Fi with many people, use many Wi-Fi devices, or want to avoid lag time or buffering, you should upgrade to a faster speed.
  • Only get gigabit internet if you want; a cheaper plan will still provide quick speeds while costing less.
  • Keep your router updated and put it in a prominent location in your house to get the most out of your hardware.

Choosing The Right Internet Provider

  • Shortlisting the best ISPs in your area
    Checking the websites of local ISPs or calling their customer service lines to enquire about the services they offer in your area is a simple way to choose the best broadband provider in your area. Another thing you can do is ask your friends and neighbours who already have broadband connections in your area to help you choose the best ISPs.
  • Internet for gaming purposes
    It would be best to have a lightning-fast internet connection like Excitel to play games and watch live streams online. In this case, it’s important to tell your broadband provider about your requirements so they can set your Network Address Translation (NAT) accurately. You can also test the speed of your internet at the same time.
  • Based on cost
    Affordability is also crucial, so select the top broadband service provider offering the best plans that fit your budget. On the other hand, choosing the base plan may seem like a good idea at first, but you may end up having slow internet and paying for extra data.
  • Choosing a broadband plan based on usage
    If you require it only for surfing the internet, using social media sites, and a little video calling, a broadband plan with a speed of 100 Mbps and unlimited data would be sufficient for your usage. Now, you are a family of 4-5 people who use the internet on their devices, and then a broadband plan with 150 Mbps would be required.
  • Deciding between fiber optic and standard broadband
    For Broadband connection price, there are broadly two options – Fiber Optic Network and Normal Broadband. In the Fiber Optic Network, fibre cables made of glass wire are used, which transmit the signals in light form. When a family requires full-day internet use for sharing large files, streaming in HD/4K resolution, and using multiple devices for surfing the internet, then a fibre optic network works best for them. It’s not that Fiber Optic Network is suitable for such heavy usage. Standard broadband with a speed of 150 Mbps will be equally significant in internet speed. Excitel is the best broadband provider with a suitable plan for everyone.
  • Reliability
    If the service is unreliable, all the above attributes are useless. What good is a reasonable or fast broadband connection price if it disconnects or lags? Unlimited broadband costs a lot, so look for a broadband plan and ISP you can use whenever you want. Reliability is subjective and difficult to measure. But you can avoid poor service by asking your family and friends about their broadband package or provider.

Choose Excitel broadband plans, the best broadband service provider in your region and let us help you chalk out the best broadband plan for you at a price like never before.


    1. What is the average internet speed in Vishakhapatnam?
      Excitel Fibernet is the fastest wired broadband in Visakhapatnam and the best network for internet experience. Our plans in Visakhapatnam start from 100Mbps to 150 Mbps speed.
    2. How do I know if I need a higher data allowance?
      You’ll require a monthly data allocation of roughly 20GB to ensure you never run out of data. Or, for complete peace of mind, choose an unlimited data plan.
    3. Can I upgrade or downgrade my internet plan at any time?
      You must enter the service id and request the ‘Change of broadband plan’ option. Choose the plan you want to change and click the submit button. You will get a confirmation call from customer care regarding the plan you need.