Exploring the world of mobile apps: From gaming to productivity

Exploring the world of mobile apps: From gaming to productivity

Name a task; a mobile app is here to help you today! Premium smartphones feature many in-built apps from which the users can do anything. Read on to learn the different kinds of apps available in the market in recent times.

Mobile gaming apps
Gaming apps stand first in business since they have various features to monetise to continue to the next level, or placing an advertisement in the middle or just the merchandise by itself would have only premium games. However, the number of gamers is increasing daily, and hundreds of gaming apps continue to flatter hardcore gamers. Candy Crush Saga, Cricket League, Ludo King, and Call of Duty are popular mobile games in India.

Productivity apps
Productivity apps are designed to enhance individuals’ or teams’ overall performance and efficiency. These help you focus on a task, whether it’s work or any activity you do at home. Some apps track your billable or most efficient daily hours, reminding you of the important meetings to attend or actions to accomplish. Ever Note, Focus Booster, Quip, and Tasks are some apps professionals, and students can use.

Health and wellness apps
Health and wellness apps were available even before the pandemic. However, the lockdown showed us what it’s like to instantly track our health and fitness through various mobile apps. These apps bring immense benefits to doctors and the public. These include enhanced patient monitoring, convenient access, and personalised access to healthcare. There are medical and health apps that are entirely different. Where health apps help you remain fit, medical apps are used to help patients with a particular medical condition or illness. Google Fitness, Home Workouts and Daily Yoga might help if you are passionate about staying fit.

The social media
What began as an effort to stay connected with friends and family who are far away, social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok are used as business tools these days. However, these also act as stress busters, primarily through memes and videos. Students and professionals use these apps during their breaks to relax before entering their next shift.

Educational apps
Educational apps are helpful for those who aspire to clear competitive exams and students appearing for public exams. But these apps are not only meant for these groups but for all classes and subjects, which anyone could use to improve their knowledge. Byju’s, Meritnation, Vedantu, and Unacademy help various aspirants in India for their bright futures!

Impact of these apps on people

Faster than websites
Since the information’s stored on the app and you need not rely on the browser, many prefer mobile apps, which have significant updates and are more user-friendly than the browser sites.

Easier to use in-phone features
Though you can use all the built-in phone features on shopping sites and others, apps make shopping and other activities convenient and quicker. You also need not worry about using credit cards or UPI apps on these because shopping apps have tight information security to decrease financial fraud.

You can also get notified instantly if there is a new sale or a professor or mentor who appears in live classes to help you with quick tips. Hence mobile apps are highly beneficial for people today.

It’s not enough if you have the latest smartphone and apps, and it would help to have a high-speed internet connection to get the most out of these apps. And this is why Excitel’s fiber internet plans will suit your browsing purposes with no data restrictions!


  1. How do I download mobile apps?
    You can download mobile apps from Google Play Store if you are an Android user or iStore if you have an iPhone. Certain apps may not be available on these platforms; in such cases, you can install the APK versions from a secure website.
  2. Are mobile apps free to use?
    Most mobile applications are free, but you may have to pay a few to avoid advertisements and enjoy certain premium benefits.
  3. Can I develop my mobile app?
    Several app builders and tools are used so that you can develop your app and release it on the play store for public usage with proper approval.