Fiber broadband: a lifeline for all the modern-day gamers!

Fiber broadband: a lifeline for all the modern-day gamers!

Online games have indeed come a long way in India, they have evolved and advanced over the years. With the market witnessing a tremendous growth in the last couple of years, the community noticed a spike in both the number of gamers as well as user engagement levels, from about 250 million gamers at the end of FY18, the numbers of gamers in India grew close to 400 million by the mid of FY20, making India the second largest base of online gamers in the world after China.

Owing to its growing popularity in the country, people’s archaic opinions linked with the activity have also altered, people are now considering it as a great recreational activity that also helps in building an individual’s emotional quotient. Many studies suggest that an hour of gaming helps increase hand-eye coordination and increases the ability to work and perform tasks better under pressure. However, a gaming experience can only be stress free if the stability, speed and latency of your internet connection is optimum. Stable internet acts as a key pillar of the whole experience and a botchy streaming service makes the gaming experience less desirable, making fiber internet services from companies like Excitel an important part of any gaming-related set-up.

For every gamer, fiber broadband is a key that enables superior gaming experience. The idea of symmetric internet coupled with that of affordable high speed broadband plans and lightning fast speed makes the idea of gaming with your friends online a seamless experience. The connection provides minimal network latency which is critical for ensuring real-time operations while gaming online. The longer the delay, the greater the distortion. Less latency is integral in all multiplayer games like DOTA, Call of duty and other online multiplayer games.

Your gaming experience will be awful if your broadband connection is not strong enough to sustain multiple updates and the high memory requirement. When it comes to fiber broadband service providers that cater to the community, Excitel also offers a high speed broadband plan that is tailored to meet with the requirements of online gaming with a download and upload speed of 300 Mbps coupled with no-data limit at an affordable rate.

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