Fiber Fiber Makes Everything Fine, Fiber Fiber is the Fiber of Life

Fiber Fiber Makes Everything Fine, Fiber Fiber is the Fiber of Life

Fiber is the quintessential unit of life. Even though we may not even be cognizant of this fact, but fiber makes up for all we are and all we know, from food to fabric, details to data, everything is fiber driven.
It is the single unit that makes up everything that surrounds you and then eventually you. It’s existence is so integral to our functioning that the human body will fall apart in its absence. The make-up of something as fragile as a sheet of paper and something as strong as a building is all fiber. It connects all spheres of life, be it consumption or utility.

Talking about connectivity, isn’t it interesting that fiber optics, something as miniscule as the single strand of hair houses the potential to connect- interconnect the entire world and enable seamless communication across continents via channels. Anyone who goes online, aided by an internet service provider, becomes a member of this interconnected web of fiber networks. The innovation uses fiber-optic links, which can send information quicker than normal broadband speeds and can accommodate more users and traffic in record time.

Fiber broadband enables consumers to connect numerous tablets, laptops, and phones simultaneously while ensuring an experience of lag-free internet services. The potential of this stable and symmetric internet allows individuals to explore the capabilities of the internet that is 10 times faster and gives consumers the ability to stream music, binge on OTT platforms and work/study from home without any interconnectivity related interruptions and hassles.

It is correct to say that copper is a conversation of the past and the future is fiber rich. Organisations, entrepreneurs, residents and students arewant faster, seamless and optimum source of connectivity. With the rate at which our content consumption grows, the only solution to ensure lightning fast symmetric speed, unlimited data and zero lag is through the installation of fiber broadband.

Owing to the zeal of keeping up with this fast world, Excitel has also pledged to convert all their copper connections to fiber by the end of 2021 and are only extending fiber connections going forward. The company boasts of ultra-high speeds up to 1 Gigabit/s, designed especially for your home and is delivered through an end-to-end fiber optical network.

Consumers are increasingly engaging on digital platforms through streaming, online gaming, working, studying and even for healthcare, and these activities demand faster and reliable internet. The only key and the secret to a competent interconnectivity service is to switch to fiber broadband. The points are here and fiber broadband is truly winning, so what is stopping you from making your life fiber rich?