From farm to screen – How is the internet changing the way we eat?

From farm to screen – How is the internet changing the way we eat?

Social media is where you find what to eat and how to get organic food products from local farms. Also, have you noticed a change in how we think about food or consume it with the help of the internet? You can see the rise of online grocery shopping because half the younger population and adults have access to several recipe websites and apps. Let’s see what else contributes to how we eat in this article.

How does the internet influence our eating habits?

Food blogs and social media

Do you remember the recipe and cookbooks our mothers used to buy? You can now browse these on Instagram and other platforms daily through reels and guides. Somehow, what you see on social media brings a new light to these books and makes cooking more fun and enjoyable!

Nutrition and health information

Though several newspaper columns speak about health and nutrition, Instagram has increased the value of these articles. This is due to the writer’s presence on social media and the promotion and sharing through their handles.

Farm-to-table movement

Many restaurants in the USA and other global countries have begun the famous ‘farm-to-table’ movement. This means sourcing food and other essential ingredients produced in organic and natural ways without using synthetics. This movement stands on four pillars, food security, proximity, self-reliance and sustainability. Though it started in the 1900s, this movement gained momentum recently after the pandemic struck.

Sustainability and local food systems

Since the pandemic, social media influencers have made us realise sourcing local produce is essential. When the borders were closed, and we had no alternative, we cooked with whatever we got from the local vendors. Buying from local vendors also stressed the difficulty in retailing farm production. Hence, social media has taught us a lot about sustainable eating practices.

Community building and food education

Community building and food education support oppressed communities’ proper health and well-being to eat well and stay healthy. Many NGOs and other private organizations have young people who teach and spread awareness of the importance of nutritious food and run soup kitchens weekly to support poor groups.

Access and affordability

The role of technology and social media has made us all responsible. These teach us the shortage and surplus of food items and raw materials and how it affects the entire population. The price of food affordability is rising, and we learn that mindful eating practices support underprivileged groups and our future generations too. This process helps us reduce food wastage.

Here’s to eating more mindfully and practising sustainability to save something for the future! Join the Excitel family and get access to unlimited internet, to know more about food science, healthy eating practices and nutrition!


  1. How has the internet changed the way we shop for groceries?
    The physical stores near our homes only have some items we need sometimes. What do we do then? We looked up all the popular online grocery stores with discounts and offers. These websites also offer new ingredients you haven’t used till now. So, whenever you need to stock up in your pantry, we opt for online grocery stores!
  2. How has the internet changed the way we find recipes?
    The time involved in cooking has had a significant impact due to the internet. We look for recipes, tricks and solutions to save time while cooking. DIY kitchen hacks and many food-related features have also made cooking everyone’s favourite recently! Finding recipes on the internet has also become a therapy for many.
  3. How has the internet changed the way we learn about food and nutrition?
    Fitness and food influencers have increased since the pandemic. There’s a lot of information about proper diet, food and nutrition and daily exercises. While not all of these will help us, most have become mindful of how we eat.
  4. How has social media changed the way we eat?
    There’s a significant impact on how we eat in the age of social media. The influencers we come across on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have given us what to eat and what not through colourful and insightful ways on these platforms. From choosing a local vendor for cooking to adapting their strategies for delicious meals, we are positively swayed in their direction!