Have a Virtual Unlock at Home with Excitel’s Superfast Internet

Have a Virtual Unlock at Home with Excitel’s Superfast Internet

Just when we thought the perils of the first wave of COVID-19 in 2020 were over, the subsequent year proved the thought wrong. In 2021, we experienced yet another nationwide lockdown, binding everyone in homes once again. With the country inching slowly towards the unlock, the danger of the pandemic isn’t over yet.

As the year passes, the COVID-19 cases are gradually subsiding, but the danger is still not yet over yet. We understand your anxious wait for the unlock and the urge to socialise and travelling that has been built up in you. With Excitel’s superfast broadband internet connection, you can have your virtual unlock without any hassles at home!

Since the first lockdown, the internet has uploaded a load of entertainment content. With Excitel’s superfast broadband connection, you can hook up to your favourite classic shows for hours, or even better, you can have your little groove party by streaming, buffer-free music with Excitel’s buffer-free internet connection. The Excitel’s superfast internet connection is ideal for the gamer in you and provides very low latency for you to take down your opponent in a flick!

Virtual Reality is the new black! Onlooking the worldwide lockdown, tourism companies have tied up with VR for the immersive virtual travelling experience. Now apart from streaming favourite shows, music or playing your favourite online multiplayer game, with this lockdown you can also make use of various virtual tours that are available online. Yes, you heard us right, virtual tours, COVID-19 risk-free and with an immersive experience. Many touring companies have tied up with Google Heritage to bring the travelling experience, personalised to you. It doesn’t matter if you want to visit The Louvre or The Great Wall of China, Excitel’s superfast broadband internet connection is your virtual passport and visa, all in one.

Excitel’s broadband connection provides a buffer-free internet connection to make the online streaming experience streamlined, making it the perfect companion for your virtual unlock at home.

So get your friends online on the video call, and stream your favourite music, or make your team and compete with other players online and prove your mettle online, only with your Excitel’s superfast broadband internet connection.