How Much Internet Speed Do You Need For Streaming Cricket?

How Much Internet Speed Do You Need For Streaming Cricket?

The IPL season’s here, and what do you think you need more than your favourite team’s jersey and cap? You are right! It’s a stable internet speed for streaming 4K match videos. To enjoy a seamless IPL experience at home, follow this blog to know how Excitel’s broadband plans can help you!

Internet speed requirements for watching IPL

The recommended speed for SD & HD streaming is 1.5 Mbps in case of any online streaming. Excitel’s 300 Mbps plan at ₹899 per month delivers the right speed for streaming. Though you have high internet speed and the option to stream HD video, using the older version of the streaming app can always make your videos choppy. Hence, keep all your apps updated.

Factors affecting internet speed for streaming IPL

Video resolution

Video resolution is the number of pixels required to form the video on your screen. High-resolution videos have more pixels and hence use higher bandwidth. Your video can be choppy if you try to stream HD video on low bandwidth. Therefore, decide on the suitable resolution according to the bandwidth availability. This is the primary factor that affects your streaming. With Excitel, you don’t have to worry about video resolution or speed!

Tips for improving internet speed for IPL streaming

  • Upgrade your internet plan
    You would have chosen an internet plan two years ago, which you thought would be the best for your home. With time, your ISP would have brought in more exciting plans and offers with the maximum speed and benefits. To enjoy it, you must upgrade your subscription to have unlimited fun and data.
  • Optimize your Wi-Fi connection
    There are several ways to optimize your Wi-Fi connection. Here are a few suggestions which might rescue you in no time! Place your router in a central position at your home, probably on the top shelf, where no other electric devices exist. Reboot all your devices connected to the internet and turn them on again. Use a Wi-Fi extender to increase the reach of the internet signal, even to the remotest corner of your home. Set the frequency to 2. 4GHz from 5 GHz and vice versa, as per your convenience.
  • Close other applications and devices
    Whenever you are streaming, ensure only your TV or laptop is connected to the router to make the most of your internet connection. You can connect as many devices as possible with Excitel since you always get the promised speed. Unless your internet buffers, you can link other devices too.
  • Switch to a wired connection
    Many prefer an Ethernet connection when using laptops or computers at home, and Ethernet always carries the maximum speed, no matter Wi-Fi or fiber connections. While you can connect wirelessly for tablets and phones, use wired connections for the best internet experience, especially while streaming.
  • Use a VPN
    VPN usually slows down your internet connection. However, at times, bandwidth throttling occurs when streaming. During these times, VPN can come to your rescue and increase the speed to prevent buffering.All you need for a new IPL season is a renewed and improved internet plan. Excitel has exciting upgrades for this quarter, which you will love! Visit our website to know more about this and kickstart your IPL binge-watching!


    1. How can I check my internet speed?
      The easiest way to check your internet speed is through a free app provided by an internet service provider. If not, you can try on or or Ookla for free. This will show you when your internet gets the maximum daily speed. </li
    2. Do I need a high-end device for IPL streaming?
      Any Android, iPhone or laptop in working condition is all you need for IPL streaming. But we don’t deny stating that the latest version will be better for an enhanced viewing experience. Until your internet connection does not buffer, you can enjoy the IPL on any device!
    3. Can I stream IPL on a mobile network?
      Though you can stream IPL on your mobile network, you can only view the highlights of the match with the data cap on. A fiber internet connection’s the best you can have for IPL or any streaming. With Excitel at home, you don’t have to worry about data caps or pausing your game in the middle.