How to be topical in the era of content flooding

How to be topical in the era of content flooding

Content is king. It has the ability to make or break a brand’s presence extending from social media to traditional forms of media which can also impact their sales in a negative or a positive manner.

In the era of incessant scrolling and attention span of less than 7 seconds, the kind of content that a brand, influencer or even a person projects on their social media plays a pivotal role in creating and increasing engagement. Owing to this, more and more individuals are putting extra efforts to remain on points while surfing through the waves of tropical content.

But the question, therefore, is- how do you remain “on-point” to avoid pointless clutter of content?

Listed below are the hacks of how to be topical in this era of content flooding.

1. Hail the Hashtags of Twitter
The greatest place to keep up with the latest social media news is — you guessed it — on social media. The brilliance of this network is that people online will debate breaking news or development in the social media realm on Twitter whenever it happens. You may also use the Twitter search page to find out what the most popular subjects are on any given day. A competent content marketer knows how to read the pulse of potential clients. Twitter trends are a terrific way to keep an eye on that pulse swiftly and effortlessly, for which keywords and hashtags can be named as your best friends.

2. Get alerts from Google
Keeping up with major fields of interest could be a challenging task with so many varied sources, suggestions, and viewpoints. It’s a mission you must complete. After all, who wants to consume content that doesn’t mention the most recent industry developments or trends? Google Alerts can play an important role in defining the current trending topics.

3. Implore Instagram’s Explore Tab
Imagine waking up to an integrated feed of pictures that apprises you of everything that’s going on the globe. Explore Tab picks up on more likes and searches for content buckets from your profile and suggests posts that are similar to it, so if in case you have been searching for or liking more of topical content, then there are chances that you would be able to adapt to those trending concepts

4. Bat with the Brands
Another great way to be topical and trendy is something right out of the Gen-Z textbook. The chapter opens to following the social media handles of certain brands such as social samosa and social media dissect to keep up with the meme-worthy news content of the day.
The internet is a vast space of varied content that we may never run out of to consume and create. To help you navigate, these tips will come in handy along with a strong fiber broadband connection like that of Excitel to keep you caught-up and on-top of the trends and topics that rule the world.