How to boost your internet speed with Excitel: Tips and tricks

How to boost your internet speed with Excitel: Tips and tricks

Slow Wi-Fi may ruin online worlds, endanger Zoom sessions, and pause your video feed while it buffers. These minor inconveniences gradually aggravate work, study, and daily living barriers when your world depends on almost instant connectivity. That’s where a reliable internet provider like Excitel can make a huge difference, helping you always stay connected. We’ll lead you through nine easy steps to get quicker Wi-Fi connections since nobody wants that.

Definition of internet speed?

Internet speed is among the most critical factors when selecting an internet service provider. It establishes how quickly you can complete activities online and how many simultaneous tasks your network can manage. If you don’t live alone and only use Facebook, you could require uninterrupted speed like Excitel.

How to boost your internet speed?

  1. Clear cache
    As the phone is used, automatically, the cache memory fills up, slowing down your smartphone. Mobile internet users can speed up their internet connection by clearing the cache, generally by erasing their search history. You can complete a thorough search of step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process for your phone, but it can usually be achieved from the settings or the internet icon.
  2. Uninstall apps
    Even if you don’t use any programmes, they can consume bandwidth and slow down the internet on your mobile. To free up some memory and bandwidth for the internet, uninstall any unused apps from your phone. You might not need some apps because you can access the information through a browser. An example of this is banking information.
  3. An app that increases speed
    On the other side, download applications that can assist you in boosting your mobile network speed. Th. There are numerous mobile-compatible apps available that can speed up connections on a sluggish mobile internet. These apps assist in maintaining your cell internet connection without using up all the bandwidth, in contrast to the apps you generally use.
  4. Ad blocker
    A pop-up blocker obstructs your view of a page as it loads, using up your internet connection in mobile and loading time. Most of the time, pop-ups contain text, links, and images, which slows down your requested page’s loading speed. A pop-up blocker app blocks advertisements, preventing your browser from loading the website. You may test several ad blocker apps from the Google Play Store and app store on your phone.
  5. Different browser
    The same applies to the browser; different phones operate better with other applications. Consider using a different browser on your phone, though this may need some narrowing down. If you discover that one browser performs faster than another, stick with it.
  6. The maximum loading data option
    There is a setting on mobile phones that enables a faster internet connection. Under the Wireless and Network settings umbrella, you can select the GPRS to Data Prefer to increase internet speeds. This setting, also known as the Maximum Loading Data option, enables your phone to download the maximum amount of data from each website to speed up the internet and the loading of each browser.
  7. Network type
    The speeds available to smartphone users increase along with advancements in smartphone technology. After 3G overtook 4G, specific locations are now receiving 5G. Choose the most recent desired network type from your phone’s cellular connection settings section. Your phone will use the faster network type whenever it is in its range to speed up the internet connection.
  8. Restart your internet connection
    Try turning your internet connection on and off; it’s simple yet effective. Your phone will have a chance to renew its internet connection. You may finish this process quickly by toggling your aeroplane settings off and back on. Like how you would do with the modem inside your home, the more often you do it, the better the internet connection will continue.
  9. Browser text mode
    You can activate a straightforward function known as text mode if the search you’re conducting on your phone doesn’t require you to look at images. Your phone’s browser application can enable the text-mode feature, significantly speeding up page download time. The site concentrates exclusively on the words and doesn’t use any other data because there is no need for visuals.
  10. Upgrade to faster internet
    While we sincerely hope these suggestions help, a faster internet connection is occasionally necessary to support your internet usage. If so, upgrading to a closed internet package is required to receive higher speeds. And suppose you need clarification because your connection doesn’t cut it even if you’re sure you’ve paid for enough internet speed. In that case, it’s possible that your internet connection only operates at 100% of its potential occasionally. Therefore, even with a 100 Mbps package, you might only sometimes receive that much bandwidth. In such a scenario, you could require a top-notch, speedier internet service provider than you initially anticipated, like Excitel.

    A dependable Excitel internet connection is necessary for enjoyable mobile internet use, and poor internet connections might cause problems with even Lifeline phones. The measures you may take to ensure that you fix your mobile’s internet speeds will be outlined in the tips above, allowing you to browse the internet conveniently. Speed up your mobile internet by altering the many installed settings and applications. Then, accessing websites or programmes that require a robust connection will be straightforward.


  1. What is Excitel?
    Excitel Broadband gives you high-speed internet all over the country ranging from 200 to 400 Mbps, at highly affordable prices.
  2. How can I boost my internet speed with Excitel?
    These are the following steps to boost internet speed:

    • Reset Your Network Adaptor.
    • Use Internet Speed Test.
    • Restart Your Modem and Your Router.
    • Call Your ISP for Help.
    • Buy a Dual-Band Router or Use a LAN Connection.
  3. How can I contact Excitel customer support?
    Please get in touch with our help desk – (STD) 33-44-77-88 from the registered mobile number related to your account.