How To Check Broadband Speed

How To Check Broadband Speed

All we need is a fast internet connection, whether it’s for an online course, entertainment, a work-from-home job, or anything else. Ever questioned the speed that your broadband connection offers? If so, you’ve come to the right place because this blog will show you how to check the broadband speed. You may verify your broadband connection’s speed in a variety of methods. To check your Excitel broadband connection speed, you can us this quick guide.

Checking Your Broadband Speed on a Desktop or Laptop

Checking your system’s broadband speed is fairly simple. You may do that with the help of a lot of websites. To test the speed of your broadband connection, take the following actions:

  1. Switch off your VPN (if you use one). VPNs are frequently used by computer workers who work remotely since they route all of your web traffic through a remote location. To accurately test your broadband speed, disconnect from your VPN if you use one to access the internet. Skip this step if you don’t use a VPN.
    Mac: Click the VPN Status icon (a rectangle with numerous vertical lines inside it) in the top right corner of the screen, then select “Disconnect from [your network].
    “Windows: Click “Network Settings” or “Network Connections” after selecting your network connection in the bottom right corner of the screen. “Disconnect” can be chosen by right-clicking the VPN connection icon.
  1. Remove your computer’s Wi-Fi connection. A connected Ethernet connection directly to the modem is the most precise method of measuring internet speed. To make sure your computer doesn’t automatically connect to an access point, temporarily turn off the Wi-Fi capability.
    Mac: While clicking the Wi-Fi icon in the top right corner of the screen, keep the Option key depressed. Click “Turn Wi-Fi off” in the menu.
    Windows users should first select “Network Settings” after clicking the Wi-Fi icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Set the “Off” position on the slider at the top.
  1. All other devices should be disconnected from the Wi-Fi network. Disconnect your modem’s Wi-Fi if it is being used by any additional devices, such as a smartphone or PC. The test results can be impacted negatively if other devices are kept connected to Wi-Fi.
  1. Connect an Ethernet cable’s other end to one of the Ethernet ports on your modem. The networking cable that came with your modem is called an Ethernet cable. It is frequently blue or yellow, resembles a thicker telephone wire, and goes by the names “networking cable” or “cat 5 cable.”
  1. The Ethernet port on your computer should now be connected to the Ethernet cable’s opposite end.
  1. Your broadband modem’s power cable needs to be unplugged. Turn off the modem for at least 60 seconds.
  1. Restart your broadband modem after plugging it in. Some modems will automatically turn on. If the modem has any lights on, it is powered on and working.
  1. Any open Internet-accessing programs should be closed. Your results may be skewed if you have other open programs or websites while performing the speed test, particularly streaming services and websites like Spotify and YouTube.
  1. Enter a web browser and go to a speed test website. and are two well-liked alternatives.
    The sole purpose of Netflix’s new website is to report your download speed. Your ability to download web information and stream media is impacted by these speeds. To conduct this test, all you have to do is open the website on a web browser.
    For assessing broadband speeds, users have traditionally turned to It provides information on ping times as well as download and upload speeds. You’ll need this additional data if you frequently play online games or stream live media from your computer (like a podcast or video blog). Start the website and select “Begin Test.”
  1. Compare the outcomes to the guarantees made by your Internet service provider. The results of the exam will be displayed on the screen when it is finished. There could be a technical issue or an honest error that can be fixed if you’re not getting the download or upload speeds you’re paying for.

Check Broadband Speed on Your Mobile Phone

Your broadband connection’s speed test procedure is fairly similar to the desktop version.

  • You can launch the or browser on your mobile device.
  • If you’re using, click “Go.”

Or you can use a smartphone application to verify the broadband speed.

  • Visit the App Store on your iPhone or the Play Store on your Android device.
  • There are numerous applications there, such as “Speed Test By Ookla” (which is identical to and “Fast Speed Test” (same as

To check your mobile device’s internet speed, download any of these apps.

Why Should You Check the Speed of your Broadband Connection?

You should monitor the speed of your broadband connection for a variety of reasons:

  • In order to monitor any changes in the internet speed
  • Whenever your internet connection speed is below average
  • To determine your broadband connection’s actual speed & more

It’s always good to be certain about anything, and it becomes even more crucial when discussing something as significant as the internet that is used almost every day.

You can get a good indication of how fast your internet connection is by checking the speed of your broadband connection. You may test your broadband speed on a variety of websites, including and One thing to keep in mind is that you should only keep the gadget you use to assess the internet speed connected to your broadband.