How to choose the best internet connection for your home?

How to choose the best internet connection for your home?

Choosing a plan that suits your needs is the biggest challenge before getting an internet connection. Sometimes you will pick up a plan and will realise later on that it is not enough or is more than what you need. Read on to know what’s best suited for you…

50-100 MBPS

If you are using the internet just for home entertainment and want to spend your spare time surfing the internet, binge-watching a movie or a TV show, then this will be your best plan to choose at an affordable price.

Those days are gone where you watch an episode of a daily soap waiting for the next episode to telecast the next day or week. It is the time where you binge-watch the whole series at one go. This will be the plan to download or stream the latest shows and browse over the internet learning new ideas and exploring the world wide web.


If you are a downloader and need a great speed to download large files for your office work or if you are downloading huge files or games from the internet, then a plan between 100-200 Mbps will fulfil your needs.

You will get appropriate speed so as to download movies, games, heavy files. Also, you can attend meetings, conferences and watch HD videos.

300 Mbps

If you are a hardcore gamer and play online multiplayer games, then the best plan to go with is of 300 Mbps. Live streaming needs a good upload speed and to upload the contents you need a stable and a better upload speed as download speed doesn’t matter if you are streaming. Therefore, this plan will provide you with both download and upload speed. Just in case you want to download or stream, this plan will fulfil all your needs from gaming to streaming to downloading.