How to get the best internet speed – A comprehensive guide

How to get the best internet speed – A comprehensive guide

There are always a few tips and tricks to get high-speed internet at home. If your internet connection’s troubling you lately, here’s what you can do!

Troubleshooting slow internet: Common causes

Your internet plan is too slow

Choose another plan with a higher speed or switch to a new provider, if your internet is slow.

Your home network and provider’s network are jammed

What if auto-update is on in all the home devices when connected to the internet? Updating draws more signal, and this may interfere heavily with the speed. If there are fewer apps in the background, it may also help your internet connection.
Connecting more than four devices troubles your internet speed. There’s no wonder your ISP undergoes the same issue once in a while. When this happens, they might throttle your connection, and hence you may suffer a lag throughout the day.

You exceeded the data cap
Many ISPs may limit you from using too much data in one day and lower your availability, slowing your internet speeds. This might happen often if you have a satellite internet connection at home.

Weak Wi-Fi signal
Walls, increased distance between the devices and your router, and any electronic gadgets, small or big, may interfere with your signal strength. If the signal’s weak, then the speed will decrease.

High latency
Latency is a time delay or how long the data travels between the sender and the receiver — or between a specific user action and the response. Hence, if the latency’s high, your internet connection might slow down, which creates a lag. This can happen due to the increased physical distance from internet servers, network congestion between you and the servers, and your internet provider’s infrastructure. However, fiber internet has the lowest latency since it uses light waves to transmit data.

Outdated devices
Sometimes, it’s not your internet connection but the devices you have at home. Your router, modem, phone, laptop, and gaming consoles can’t adapt to the latest speeds because they may have outdated software. That’s why you must regularly update the device software so it’s up and running at your desired speed. Other reasons for slower speeds include:

  • Too many open applications
  • Too many open browser tabs
  • Patch downloads
  • App downloads
  • Malware

Tips to turbocharge your internet speed

Check your speeds and plan

Whenever there’s a drop in internet speed, check your plan to see if this is the daily limit you will receive. If not, contact your ISP and get it corrected, or you may pay for your existing plan.

Troubleshoot your hardware

Turning off your router, modem, and Wi-Fi on all your devices and reconnecting might help you often. This notifies you if your devices or the internet is slow.

Turn Off bandwidth-hogging plugins and apps

See if you use ad-blocking plugins on your laptops and computers before browsing online. If yes, turn these off for a while so that your initial internet connection will be fast. You can turn it on after some time, when you don’t need speed, during any part of the day.

Switch Wi-Fi channels

To improve your internet speeds, try switching your router from a 2.4 GHz to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi channel. As a result, you can enjoy high speeds without any issues. Multiple internet transmission channels are available on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies, although there are a few minor differences between these, which interfere with your signal.

Upgrade your router

You will have a hassle-free internet connection at home if you are using the latest router. Since it distributes the internet signal to all the devices at home, your router should be up to date with the newest signal frequencies. You can also replace the antennas if you want to upgrade to something other than a new one. This might help your troubled internet connection.

Unraveling the fastest internet connection

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Frequently Asked question (FAQs)

  1. What factors affect my internet speed, and how can I address them?
    Check if all the devices you use at home are updated. If not, upgrade the software to provide the maximum internet speed for each device.
  2. How do I determine the ideal internet plan that suits my needs for the best speed?
    See if you want to browse, stream, play games, or do all these at home. If you figure this out, you can easily choose your internet plan.
  3. How can I troubleshoot slow internet issues and identify potential bottlenecks in my connection?
    Use network monitoring tools like Ookla’s Speedtest or to monitor your connection over time.