How to make an internet call with & without a number?

How to make an internet call with & without a number?

The internet is more than a browsing tool. It has emerged as a way to stay connected and also as a source of entertainment.  You can use the internet calling option on smartphones, mainly when the cell reception is down. Read on to know how you can make an internet call with/without a number.

If you don’t have cell reception and need to call someone, the best option is Wi-Fi calling. Here’s how you can do it on your smartphone through these simple steps:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi calling on your phone, which may or may not add additional charges. It depends on the operator you use.
  • Open the phone app and see three vertical dots in the top right corner. Click on the Settings.
  • After clicking on Settings, you will see the option ‘Call.’
  • You will be able to see ‘Wi-Fi Calling.’ Switch it on, after which you can talk to anyone.

You should also note that many operators don’t support internet calling. In those cases, if you are connected to your broadband connection, you can easily make internet calls to anyone. There are also many apps that support internet calls, with or without phone numbers. They are:


Dingtone is your best shot if you want to call someone, either local or abroad, without a SIM. All the local calls are free; however, you will be charged for international calls, which is less when compared to the local operators. Once you install the app on your phone, you will be assigned a number through which you can call or text anyone.

TextMe Up

TextMe Up is another app like Dingtone, which can be your choice to enjoy a seamless experience. Using TextMe Up will keep the default caller app you have on your smartphone. You can also add your actual phone number to the TextMe Up app, which results in better management for calling. This app is an excellent option for business professionals who have to deal with a lot of contacts.

Facebook Messenger

Almost everyone is familiar with social platforms, and Facebook’s Messenger is another option you can use when calling your friends online. All you need is a Facebook account and broadband connection or data. Enjoy texting and video calling your friends and family instantly through Messenger for free!

Google Meet

Many might be shocked to see what happened to Google Duo. In 2022, Google decided to merge its Duo and Meet, now known as only Google Meet. It’s an excellent app for video and audio calls for leisure and business purposes, where you can also share documents during the calls. It has funny stickers and modes, which you enjoy when you are on calls with your friends.


Skype by Microsoft has been here long, and you should try it now if you haven’t already! It has excellent features for free for video calls, and you can call other Skype members for free. However, the premium feature is a must if you call someone on their contact number.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal is increasingly popular for its advanced security features. If you want to make internet calls, send texts, and desire privacy, Signal is your go-to option. The app encrypts whatever you send, and the other person must also be on Signal. It’s an open service, and you can use the app on Windows, Android, and iOS.


Slack is primarily used for business purposes; however, you can use it for casual texting and calling online. You can easily integrate other Slack apps and create group texting channels. It also works great for private chats and is free for texting and calling.


Viber works like Signal, which prioritises privacy. It is also much like Telegram, which does not reduce the quality of the media you share. It allows unlimited calling and texting for free. Viber has three colour codes, so you can quickly identify if the other person is safe to chat with. Viber supports mobile and desktop applications and high-quality video calls.


IndyCall is one of India’s recent and best apps to make internet calls for free. The premium version is much better, without advertisements. Apart from this, you can also call international numbers and identify unknown numbers instantly.


Line is famous for its free online conference calls, and you add up to 200 people for group chat without spending a penny. It is available in 52 countries and charges little for international calls. But you can make free online calls locally, even without contact numbers.

These are our recommendations for making internet calls, with/ without phone numbers. You can enjoy using these apps with high-speed internet without lags. Fiber-optic broadband will be the best internet service in India in 2023, and it offers the same upload and download speed and fewer disturbances than other internet connections.

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