How to Prevent Becoming a Cyber bullying Victim?

How to Prevent Becoming a Cyber bullying Victim?

If you are on several social media platforms and are worried about safety, here’s what you can do to stay safe online.

Online Safety Starts Here-Protecting Yourself from Cyberbullying

Manage privacy settings online

One of the top ways to minimise the risk of online harassment is to adjust your privacy settings. Many social media platforms allow you to have a public or private account, so taking care of your photos and videos is in your hands.

Major platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook provide several ways to shut down harassers quickly. You can make your profile private and even filter out a few people, so they can’t see all of your profile.

Protect your passwords

Cyberbullies and harassers can use your personal information and passwords against you. This is why you must be careful of your passwords and other confidential details if you spend a lot of time online.

Password managers are an easy and manageable way to store your passwords securely. Another way to manage many passwords is to write those in your diary. Add an extra layer of security by using symbols and numbers or even hints if you don’t want anyone to find those.

Keep clear records

If you want to tackle cyberbullying, please maintain an evidence list since this may come in handy when the need for it arises. Take screenshots and record audio and video when necessary. Every item is practical since you won’t know when you may require it. When you have detailed records, it’s easy to identify the bully and take necessary measures.

Don’t retaliate

Never escalate the situation by acting on your own, when you are bullied online. Your actions man further infuriate your bully and make the situation even worse. Instead use any of the other methods given here, to get out of this safely.

Block cyberbullies through user settings

Blocking is an easy option on social media when you want to stop the bully immediately. In most cases, you can easily block a bully in a few minutes by visiting their profile. You can block strangers or even people known to you who bully you online. You can block them in a minute since all the major social media platforms have the same process for blocking. Simply click the three-dot icon on the user’s profile page and select Block. You can follow the same procedure if the same thing happens on a call or text.

Report cyberbullying to site admins

Many online platforms have admin settings that prevent bullies from attacking other users. During these times, you can state what happened and report the user to site admins. Afterward, block the person or adjust your privacy settings to ensure this does not happen in the future.
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. What is cyberbullying, and how does it differ from traditional bullying?
    Cyberbullying happens online. The offender may use your personal information against you or send you unnecessary messages on social media. You can always report it or take a few measures given here.
  2. What steps can I take to protect my online privacy and reduce the risk of cyberbullying?
    Never use simple passwords and have separate passwords for all the sites. Keep a private profile and limit your online friends to the people you know in person.
  3. How can I respond to cyberbullying incidents effectively and seek support from friends and family?
    Block and report the person and then inform your friends and family. If the person continues to pressure you, you can complain to the cybersecurity cell.