Level up your gaming experience with Excitel Fiber

Level up your gaming experience with Excitel Fiber

No matter what gaming laptop, monitor or console you use, it depends on how fast your internet is. You can only enjoy multiplayer games with your friends if your internet is fast. Here’s a guide to help you play the best games of your life with Excitel’s high-speed internet.

How can you ensure a smooth gaming experience?

Use an ethernet cable
Always choose an ethernet cable over Wi-Fi if you have Ethernet cables at home. These cables will provide consistency, and you will experience no gaming lag.

Reposition your router
If your router’s placed on a table or somewhere lower or at a remote corner, position it on the top shelf or a central position at home, where no other electronic devices are nearby.

Enable Quality of Service
In certain routers, you can enable a specific activity for which your routers will distribute the signal accordingly.

Turn off other devices and limit background applications
While playing games, you must turn off the apps that eat up your speed and turn off all the downloads, if there are any. Switching off the network on the devices that are not in use will help you play your game at high-speed.

Play in your region
When you can select a specific region, meaning your country or continent, while playing games, your game will quickly load without lag.

Enable MU-MIMO
Multi-user input, commonly known as MU-MIMO, is a feature in modern routers. This feature allows the router to communicate with several devices together and not individually, like the old routers. Though this doesn’t increase the speed of your Wi-Fi, it helps you play games and connect multiple devices to your network without losing speed.

Change DNS servers and reboot your router
If you have never tweaked your network settings, you probably use your internet service provider’s DNS servers, which do not offer high speed. Hence, changing your DNS servers can bring visible speeds and secure you from specific online threats.

How Excitel Fiber takes your gaming to the next level?

With Excitel, there’s always unlimited high-speed internet with no lag. At ₹999 per month, you can get 400 Mbps, specifically for gaming. Be it a single or multiplayer game, we are here to set your gaming to higher standards!


  1. How much data does online gaming use with a broadband connection?
    It would help if you had at least 3Mbps bandwidth for online games, but it also depends on the number of players. You need not worry about this when choosing Excitel since you get unlimited internet with no data restrictions.
  2. Does an Excitel broadband connection ensure zero lag connection?
    Excitel broadband gives you 400 Mbps at ₹999 and ensures zero lag with no data cap so that you can enjoy gaming with your friends.
  3. Does Excitel have an internet plan under ₹500?
    If you choose 200 or 300 Mbps plans for 12 months, you must pay only ₹424 and ₹474, respectively.